Debunking the Most Common Misconceptions about Branding


The brand is one of the most valuable assets of a company. If cultivated, it can lead to steady growth that’s rewarding and creating long-term stability. The way people perceive a business is often more important than the things that are sold or offered. Branding is one of the crucial aspects of a business. Yet, many businesses struggle to define what exactly is branding and what it means to their business. This is not due to a lack of knowledge. It’s because of the abundance of information available out there that are often misleading.

As a branding agency in Sydney, we have worked with lots of companies, and we could see a lot of misconception about the brand-building process that affects the significance of this vital marketing strategy. So, to help you gain the right knowledge about banding, we have debunked the most common misconceptions about branding, and here are they:-

Branding Is Complicated

Marketers think that developing a strong branding strategy is very difficult and complicated. But, it’s not the truth. Branding is actually straightforward when you know what to do and how to create brand awareness among your target audience. The best branding strategies use a common-sense approach to developing a company’s recognition and appeal. A good brand design agency Sydney can help to implement the right branding strategies.

Branding Is Only For Big Companies

Indeed a myth! There’s a common misconception that you don’t have to work on developing your brand until the company grows. This doesn’t make sense at all. Before you do anything, you should know why you are doing it so that you could articulate what makes you different than the competitors. Establishing brand identity is crucial for any business, irrespective of size and the industry.

Branding Is All About Creating Logo

Of course, the logo of a company plays a significant role in establishing a brand and it is important to get it right. But, it’s not the only thing about branding. There’s so much to do beyond creating a logo. Your brand is all about your ethics, employees, and culture, tone of your office, website, colours, and much more. What your customers think of your business is called brand-identity.

Branding Doesn’t Affect Sales

Marketing and advertising helps to boost your sales. But, if you want the customers to buy your product or use your service again and again, brand loyalty is the key. So, yes, marketing does affect your company’s sales. While the direct impact on branding on sales performance is hard to measure, it helps to manifest intangible assets of a company such as increased trust and higher perceived quality.

Branding Is Expensive

Branding your company is based on the market size of your business. If you are targeting only a few customers, then it wouldn’t cost you more as you could promote your brand with a small budget. Branding is neither affordable nor expensive.

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