Cute Craft Ideas to Make a Sturdy Paper Bag Mountain

Mountains inspire us a lot with their rugged texture and immense height. Creating a mountain really adds to the lifelike feeling of the environment with 3D constructions in boxes or settings for model rail route or any imaginative activity. Sturdy paper bags are really an affordable and versatile building material to create the mountain. Take some time for practice to bring an imaginative scene to life using white paper bags with handles.


  • First of all, cut the bottom of the cheap paper bags. Cut the paper carrier open from top to bottom.
  • Now squeeze the bag between hands and twist the sheet from one part to other. The paper can be softer, and you can take on crags and creases of the mountain.
  • Add some sand or pebbles in the job. Now fill in with 2 to 3 inches of material for some weight. Pick the jug and ensure it is not that heavy to lift up so you can move your mountain once it is finished.
  • Apply a coat of glue on the cardboard in a large area for the jug. Put the paper pack around the jug. Make cone shape over the jug with an area for the summit. Fold one part of the paper bag over the other and leave enough of loose sheet over the jug to form irregular folds and crags of earth and give rugged shape to the mountains. Now apply some glue with a foam paintbrush to one part of the paper Press another corner of a paper bag from top to bottom over the glue. Cut extra sheet off.
  • In the sack, now create folds to imitate the mountain in your picture or imagination. Shape the hill the way you like. For instance, if the volcano erupts on the mountain, make a top jagged or flat instead of Sloped sides should be gentle or steep. Over the bottom of the jug, spread the bag as far as it can reach to give a wide base to the mountain.
  • Spread glue under the lower edge of the paper bag hill on the cardboard. Press the paper bag down to stick it to the cardboard.
  • Blend two tbsp of glue in 2tbsp of water. Now apply the glue in the thin layer carefully with sponge brush over the mountain to strengthen the surface and stay with the shape you want.

Finish it by shaping the mountain when it’s wet through the glue. Let the shaped mountain to dry properly.



Nitish Rana

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