COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Saudi Arabia HVAC Market. Insights on Strategies of Key Players

The Saudi Arabian heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market is growing on account of the rising infrastructure spending and expanding hospitality sector in the country.
Along with the infrastructure, the hospitality sector of the nation is also booming, owing to the increasing number of travelers coming here from across the world. The two holiest sites in Islam — Makkah and Medina — are located in Saudi Arabia, which draw loads of people.
To cater to the increasing tourists and pilgrims, the number of hotels and guestrooms in the nation is also surging, thereby driving the HVAC market in Saudi Arabia. Several multinational hospitality firms are expanding their reach here to provide accommodation to as many people as possible.
Seeing the focus of consumers toward reducing their electricity spending, major Saudi Arabian HVAC market players are launching systems that are more energy-efficient than before or modifying the technology of their existing products.
For instance, Daikin Industries Ltd. unveiled a new air-cooled scroll chiller product line with the R-32 refrigerant in January 2019. Compared to its existing scroll chillers that work on refrigerant R-401A, these have a 10.0% higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio.



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