Can My Dog Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli is great by itself or as an accompaniment to meals. It’s delicious and nutritious. The question is, can dogs eat broccoli? Learn more here from a vet clinic Scottsdale, AZ.

Does broccoli provide health benefits to my dog?

Broccoli contains lots of vitamins C and K, fiber for proper digestion, and calcium for strong bones and teeth, among other nutrients. It’s low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sugar, too. All in all, it can provide the same kind of nutrition to your dog as it does for you.

What are the risks?

Broccoli contains a compound called isothiocyanate, which can harm your dog in large amounts. Plus, the stalks or stems of broccoli are dense and can present a choking hazard. And you don’t want to give your dog broccoli that’s been dressed up with butter, oil, garlic, cheese, or any other additions.

How can I give Fido broccoli safely?

Only feed your dog the broccoli florets, and make sure they’re not coated in butter, oil, or other additives. Cut the florets into small pieces. Only give a few pieces at a time so as not to cause stomach upset.

Learn more about your dog’s nutritional needs by calling your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ.

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