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India is a country which is known for its plant assortment. Throughout the span of the years with the green bombshell and globalization this industry has created higher than any time in recent memory. The primary thought that helpers this industry is the farm computerization structure that has progressed all through the long haul. There are distinctive estate computerization options available in India, similar to cultivate trucks, turners, and equipment.Get more information about Powertrac


Talking about ranch vehicles in India. The Indian ranch vehicle market has a combination of decisions to investigate reliant upon the sort of agribusiness and scene of cultivation. By and by, there are more than 30 brands available in India which are offering ranch haulers as per various necessities.


Huge ranch hauler brands like Mahindra work vehicles, Massey Ferguson work vehicles, and Sonalika ranch vehicles are administering the market. This is a direct result of the unique quality and top level ranch vehicles offered by them keeping watch.


A work vehicle is a contraption that is used for various purposes, for instance, for advancement, developing, and mechanical use. All through the drawn out the work vehicle industry is strongly affected by provincial interest. Hence the greater part of homestead hauler brands are fixated around zeroing in on this market.Get more information about Powertrac tractor


The Indian tractor industry has been the fastest-growing industry over the years with an average growth of 11% but due to the pandemic, the industry was disrupted as domestic buyers count saw a downfall. But from 2020 the industry is expected to grow at a Year-on-Year rate of 19% which is 8% higher. The FY 2020-year reports reported that almost 8lakh tractors were sold in India.


With this growth and the need for technological advancement in India. The tractor industry is booming as many farmers are switching into tractors from traditional techniques. These first-time buyers are the most vulnerable to their choices.


As mentioned above, with more than 30 brands in the Indian tractor industry. It’s very difficult to choose the right kind of tractor as per your need. So, we here at tractor guru have brought you a tractor buying guide.


  1. Use of tractor

While buying a tractor for yourself you should be focused on your needs and what exactly you want from the tractor. Most uninformed buyers tend to buy tractors based on what the brand is offering. For instance, if your majority of use is based upon lifting activities then a tractor with higher horsepower will not serve your purpose instead you should choose a tractor with higher torque capabilities.

Farming in India is not just focused on a single type of terrain. The country has varied types of terrains and farming methods. So as per the terrain and your farming method you can choose from tractors that are capable of your activities. If the use of the tractors is in orchards, then a smaller track tractor will be the most value for money choice.

If you can define the use of your tractor then surely you can make the best decision for your tractor. Get more information about Powertrac


  1. Type of Tractor


With a large number of tractor brands in the market. There are various different models to choose from. According to buyers, there is a tractor for every farmer in the country. The type of tractor differs from various factors such as wheel drive options, fuel, lifting capacity, engine capacity, usage, and etc.

Nowadays with the advancement of tractors, there are multiple types of tractors of offer with different fuel options. Earlier the tractor industry was dominated by diesel engines to have maximum output from the engines. But nowadays due to varied usage of tractors, engines are available with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) options. Additionally, tractors are also available with electric motors and hybrid systems. Hence, choosing a tractor according to the type of engine need will surely be more practical.

Moreover, if the usage is based more on hilly terrains and heavy-duty purposes then a tractor with 4-wheel drive option solves the best purposes. Get more information about Powertrac tractor


  1. Tractor engine capacity


The engine of the tractor is the powerhouse and the most important part of the tractors. As mentioned in the above points. In India, most tractors are available with the same engines but are tuned according to the purpose and usage of the tractor.

Before buying a tractor, it is as important to research about the engines as it is to research about the brand.

Popular brands like Mahindra, Sonalika, New Holland have good engines on offer as they are tried and tested over the years and have been extensively used in different terrains and purposes by farmers. Hence, the engine matters a lot in your buying decision.

Engines are also classified as per the HP (Horse Power) capacity. Most farmers in India have smaller portions of land and hence a tractor with 40-55 HP is considered. If your usage is just in 1-2 acres of land a mini tractor can also solve your purpose. Get more information about Powertrac

  1. Tractor brand

While buying a tractor you are not just buying any other product. The tractor brand plays a major role in the tractor you buy. Right from the start, the dealership and service network of the brand is very important.

In India, there are more than 30 brands of tractors on offer. Where, Mahindra, TAFE, Sonalika, and Escorts contribute to the major market share of the tractor industry in India. Hence these tractors build trust with the tractor buyers.

However, these brands are majorly focused on mass-market tractors which are focused on the majority of the market. But if your needs are different and require higher capacity premium tractors then brands like Belarus serve the purpose.

The larger presence of the brand leads to the easy availability of spare parts. Get more information about Powertrac tractor


  1. After-sales

Buying a tractor is not a one-time decision. As, buying a tractor is not just the only step, after buying it you need to make sure you service it timely, maintain it and pay other overheads like insurance and fuel.

While buying a tractor always make sure that you have known about the service cost, interval, and spare part cost. If the cost for these things is higher than buying a tractor will be a financial burden for you. Additionally, the service centre network plays a major role too.


We hope that these points will solve your purpose and help you to make an informed buying decision in the future. For more information, you can visit to know more about tractors and find the best tractor as per your need. Get more information about Powertrac tractor






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