Benefits Of Organic Hemp Clothing

With every passing day, the natural resources are shrinking. Focusing on the scarcity of water, the fashion industry is under a great threat. However, with the evolution of hemp clothing, many people are in awe of this fabric. Everyone is beginning to understand its importance as a sustainable crop. The hemp clothing as compared to other fabrics is highly efficient, durable, and has a great shelf life.

The organic nature of hemp clothing makes it comfortable to wear and is suitable for every skin type. Over the past few years, hemp clothing in India is becoming highly popular and people are keen to adopt it in their wardrobe.

What is the meaning of hemp?

Hemp is a kind of cannabis Sativa plant. The hemp crop has many benefits and can be used for the production of food, oils, construction material, etc. The stalk of the hemp crop is tall, fibrous with small amounts of THC. Recently, the hemp crop is driving people’s attention in the production of textiles.

Amazing benefits of Hemp Fabric

In a short time, hemp fabric has become popular and does full justice to its hype. Here are some of the benefits of hemp fabric:

  • Helps in reduction of carbon – with the rapid production and disposal of normal clothing, the environment is facing a lot of damage. However, hemp clothing is beneficial in absorbing carbon dioxide. Hemp combats are climate challenges by offering sustainable fashion.
  • Improves the health of the soil – hemp crop can be grown in all types of soil. The crop doesn’t affect or harm the nutrients or other essential properties of soil. It is resistant to pests which eliminate the use of any fertilizer or pesticides. Above all, hemp is biodegradable.
  • Antimicrobial properties – hemp clothing is effective to fight microbes. It helps to avoid the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The antimicrobial properties of hemp clothing offer durability as compared to cotton, polyester, etc.
  • Unaffected to UV rays – the sun rays can be harmful to the skin. The threat count of hemp fabric is tightly woven. Therefore, the sun’s rays can’t penetrate via the fabric. Anyone wearing hemp clothing is protected from skin issues caused by harmful sun rays such as skin cancer, irritation, skin allergies, etc.

Where to buy organic hemp clothing in India?

To search for organic hemp clothing in India can be a daunting task. However, Hemponest as a hemp clothing brand ends your search for the best organic hemp clothing. This online platform is highly reliable to shop hemp apparel and clothing under an affordable price range.

Here are some of the organic hemp clothing products from Hemponest mentioned below:

  • Hemploom Hemp Scarf
  • B Label Tulip Top – Black
  • B- Label Vortex Color Block Shirt- Peach Stripes
  • B Label Dazzle Tie Up Dress- White

Hemponest brand even offers other hemp products under the range of health and wellness, grooming and personal care, food, and nutrition, home, and furnishing, etc.


Adopting organic hemp clothing can offer you a chance to contribute to the environment. With the numerous benefits of hemp clothing, you can easily ditch cotton and other fabrics. Buying organic hemp clothing from a trustworthy source like Hemponest can be a great solution.




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