Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in China

To everyone’s surprise in 2013, China emerged from being the 2nd largest economy globally next to the United States. And over the last couple of years, its economic growth rate is recorded to be 7 times of the US (317% vs. 43%). Equally, from the viewpoint of digitalization, as of now, the nation boasts of having 810 million internet users out of which 98% have gone mobile and finally its internet user’s penetration rate is nearly 67.2 %. Unsurprisingly, the fact file has made China increasingly tempting to global leaders as well as budding entrepreneurs to initiate and reap the highest benefits of its huge market potential.

However, in a country where you won’t find any presence of Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and everything from the nation’s language to buyer’s preferences, site hosting to linking and public policies in terms of internet marketing has been completely localized by Firewall of China, it would be simply hard-hitting to get ahead with your digital marketing project. Here comes the necessity of working with a specialized digital marketing agency in China to make your dream a success.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency in China

Market Expertise

In the world’s largest digital marketing hub where buyers behavior, tastes, and preferences are quite different and consistently changing, having a thorough understanding of the market trend is critical for your marketing success. Working with a professional digital marketing agency in China enables foreign brands in seamless execution of their marketing plans and strategies depending on the type of products they deal with, its market potential, and target audience.

Website Designing

Perhaps the biggest challenging factor that you will face to promote your brand in China that your website needs to be customized according to the Chinese language including your contents and should follow the guidelines of Baidu ( the largest Chinese search engine) to get it displayed on the web. Without being outfitted with an expert agency specializing in digital marketing in China it’s literally absurd for you to go along with its online marketing criterions.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that China has already been cited as the 1st true mobile commerce nation in the World? However, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube are already blocked in China you’ve no option but to strike its social media market through the nation’s leading social platforms, literally the two social pillars- WeChat and Weibo. Once again, deploying effective social media market promotion will appear taxing for you without being teamed with a digital marketing agency in China approved by WeChat and Weibo. Right from getting enrollment in WeChat and Weibo, they guide you to choose the most appropriate advertising mediums fitting to your marketing need, prepare contents with images and a lot more.


Remember that, having a presence of your brand in Baidu’s search engine through SEO and PPC campaigning is vital for your digital marketing success in China. Working with a specialized agency helps brands to optimize their page in a slow but steady way, while with the paid advertisement you can reach faster to your target audience.

Market Analysis

Akin to Google Analytics, Baidu is equipped with a free Analytics tool for its users that reports on the details traffic database visiting your page. The data offers you lots of information and overall insight to analyze your site performance and accordingly comes handy to develop new strategies to get more potential users, enhance user’s experience, and scope of the conversation. Throughout the process, the agency works with you to assess the current status and formulate more improved marketing plans for a healthier marketing result.


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