Benefits And Features Of DID Service

Businesses who have multiple phones but want to forward calls to the same telephone line must consider getting a DID number, also called a direct inward dialing number. Thus, you can avoid installing of multiple phone lines or physical wires for the phone connection. Usually, the businesses that have PBX phone systems have multiple employees and staff in separate cabins or workstations. The use of a DID service provides a phone number for different workstations without the need to install separate phone lines for each employee.

The facility of voicemail is available with a DID service. There is also an option for using fax with it. The service offers better features than the PBX service without a DID and costs less. Calls are routed to the multiple extensions of a single telephone line. It is possible to use unlimited extensions with a DID. Thus, it is most suited for large businesses that have multiple workstations in the same office. Users can route the calls to a landline or mobile phone. The central controlling center of the PBX exchange transfers the calls to the desired extension of the same telephone line.

A DID number helps the callers in making calls directly to a number without the need of having to deal with an operator in between. It helps a business in avoiding buying and installing bulk telephone lines. It is not possible to lay separate telephone lines for each employee in a company. Installing so many wires and cables is not possible and it is very impractical. Using a DID service is the best option for enabling the receiving of calls in the extension.

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