Bag-in-Box Container Market Services, Opportunities and Growth Till 2025

The global Bag-in-Box Container Market size is expected to reach USD 4.80 billion by 2025 due to the increasing demand by various industries like food and beverages. Bag-in-Box Containers are the containers that are used for storage and transportation of different liquids. They are made up of three elements; a bag made of numerous layers of metallized film that excellently prevents light and oxygen, a box made of ridged cardboard, solid board or micro-flute based on volume and weight, an easy to use tap or dispenser that offers stronger barrier to oxygen.

Bag-in-Box Container

Furthermore, the growing demand from sectors like household products, industrial liquid products are expected to contribute considerably to Bag-in-Box Container market in the years to come.

Bag-in-Box Containers offer cost effectiveness at levels like packaging price and lower transport cost. They are also compatible with production automation and offer volume efficiency for storing in the retail stores and for transport. They are strong containers, which are comparatively light in weight and cater to transportation needs for all the types of products.

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The containers completely prevent oxygen and light from entering (for example; a wine bottle to be opened after 6 weeks). The growing demand from consumers for sterilized and convenient packaging and the need to reduce packaging cost for manufacturers are major factors for the rising adoption of Bag-in-Box Container among industries. Bag-in-Box Container offer enhanced hygiene and safety characteristics in addition to improved packaging convenience, storage and transportation and less utilization of space.

However, the rising demand of Bag-in-Box Container for wine packaging is predicted to overcome the restrictions of Bag-in-Box Container market. Apart from the emergence of alternative products, the additional equipment costs related to bag-in-box container packaging is likely to hamper the Bag-in-Box Container market especially in the developing economies of the Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

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The market is categorized on the basis of product type, order type, end use and geography. On the basis of product type, the market is divided into Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), etc. (nylon, poly-butylene terephthalate, etc.). On the basis of order type, market is divided into standard order and customized order.

On the basis of end use, the Bag-in-Box Container market is divided into Food & Beverages (alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages like juice, smoothies, etc., liquid food like cooking oil, milk & other dairy products), Industrial Liquid Products like chemicals, battery acids, etc. and Household products like liquid washing & cleaning products, water, cosmetics, etc.). Geographically, the Bag-in-Box Container industry is segmented as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In terms of revenue, Europe is predicted to lead Bag-in-Box Container market in future followed by Latin America.

Asia Pacific is also expected to hold strong dominance of Bag-in-Box Container market in the coming years from the developing countries like India and China. This is due to the growing demand for food and beverages observed in these regions. Most manufacturers from different parts of the world are eyeing investing opportunities in these areas. The key players profiled here are Amcor Limited, CDF Corporation, Liqui-box, Optopack Ltd, Smurfit Kappa Group, DS Smith, Scholle IPN, and TPS Rental Systems Ltd.

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