Avoid These Mistakes When Grilling Kebabs


Are you bored of hot dogs and burgers? Maybe it is time for kebabs. When it comes to summer parties, it is hard to match good burger. But, if you need a change and want to have something unique in your party, kebabs are indeed a great alternative as they can get you meat, vegetable, and fruits all at once. That said, grilling kebabs comes with its own challenges that many of us make mistakes when throwing them on the grill. In fact, even the most experienced cook is bound to make a couple of mistakes when grilling kebabs.

There are so many things which you need to be aware of when grilling the meat starting with, when buy doner meat kebab meat, to how you prepare it and cook it. So, we have rounded up some of the most common mistakes we make when grilling kebabs and here are they:-

Not Buying Enough Meat

See, things can go wrong unexpectedly when preparing kebabs, especially for a party and you are first-timer. The patty could just shrink because if you are shaping the burgers, the meat is about 75% water and it will look smaller after cooking than it looked on your cutting board. On the other hand, if you are preparing kebab sticks then you’ll need more meat. About 6 ounces of good quality beef is the right amount for one burger and if it is big size, then go for 8 ounces. So, try to buy the right amount of meat at the doner meat wholesale price so that you can save money while having enough for grilling.

Overlooking the Prep and Setup

We all love that crunchy texture on the outer layer of the kebab and juicy meat on the interiors. Aren’t’ we? That texture and taste are obtained from the preparation of the meat. Yes, preparing and setting up the kebab is crucial. In fact, prepare the meat as much as possible before grilling them. The meat should be marinated and set up on the skews prior to grilling.

Not Using Separate Skewers for Kebab Ingredients

Some people put the vegetables and meat together on the same skewers assuming that they will be cooked in the same way. But, the fact is, vegetables and meat take different times to get cooked well. So, if you are going to cook vegetables and meat on the skewers, be aware that one will be overcooked, while the other will get undercooked. Instead, we recommend you cook meat and vegetables on separate skewers.

Ignoring Marinades

It is essential to marinate the meat ahead of time and base it with sauce at the end. The window of marinating time could be anywhere from overnight to two hours. If you skip this step, you won’t get tasty kebabs.

Avoid these mistakes the next time when you are grilling the kebabs. If you are looking for the best meat supplier who offers doner kebab meat for sale, look no further than Sydney kebab.

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