Avoid These Foods If You Have Sensitive Teeth


A sensitive tooth is a common dental problem, indicating the early stages of cavities. If you are someone who fights sensitive teeth, you probably know the pain and discomfort when you are eating or drinking. Tooth sensitivity could be periodic or present all the time based on the condition of cavities in your tooth. The thinness of the tooth’s enamel and recession of the gums with root exposure are the two significant causes of tooth sensitivity. This condition can cause people to be sensitive to different temperatures when eating or drinking.

Understanding the bad and good foods for your sensitive teeth and planning your diet is one of the best ways to ensure weak enamel or cavities do not begin to develop. It is of utmost importance to visit the dentist Parramatta as early as possible to treat the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

Avoid these foods if you are experiencing teeth sensitivity:-

Ice Cream

While it’s hard to resist from tasting ice cream, it does more damage than good to your sensitive teeth. Ice cream isn’t only cold but also has sugar that can cause teeth to be more sensitive. This is because people with sensitive teeth lack the enamel, the outer layer, of a tooth that acts as a protective barrier. Without enamel, a tooth’s delicate inner parts like nerves and dentin will be exposed, vulnerable to bacterial infection. The high temperature can be more aggravating.


Soda tops the list of food that you need to avoid if you have sensitive teeth. Soda has both acid and sugar that can cause more damages to sensitive teeth. Regular intake can lead to the formation of cavities, and when left treated, it can result in tooth loss.


Sour candies, hard candies, gummies, and all other sweets are enemies for a sensitive tooth. It’s because the higher amounts of sugar present in all types of candies can lead to tooth decay. Sticky candies are even worse as they can stick to the teeth, and plaque can produce acids with the sugar content and start attacking the enamel of the tooth. As a result, it leads to tooth decay. It’s better to avoid chewing candies, especially if you have sensitive teeth. In case if you are eating one, make sure to rinse your mouth well to remove the residues of candies.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages can aggravate sensitive teeth and increase the chance of tooth decay. Wine also increases symptoms of tooth sensitivity because of its acidic content that is also a stimulus.

Sensitive tooth is a common Parramatta dental, but when caught early, the chances of saving your natural teeth is high. Avoid these foods and visit the dentist in Parramatta regularly to keep dental problems at bay.

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