An Insight Into The Importance Of Using WhatsApp For Business Communication In Today’s Omni channel Environment

In the contemporary, omnichannel world of texts, chats, posts, and tweets, customers desire to connect with businesses in a manner similar to they communicate with their family and friends. This is why the prominence of Whatsapp as a business tool is increasing with every passing day. WhatsApp messaging can take your business communications to a whole new level, and give a boost to your customer engagement capabilities. It allows for private, real-time B2C conversations, and is perfect for companies planning to spread their horizons and reach out to new clients. As WhatsApp is used extensively around the world, it serves as a great way to connect with both current and potential customers abroad. By leveraging Whatsapp bulk message sender, you can send 2-way customer surveys, support messages, shipping alerts, order notifications, appointment reminders, product demonstration videos, verification codes, and more.

Does your business need WhatsApp?

For years, SMS and emails have been the most commonly used business communication channels to connect with customers. Both of these channels are effective in their own right, and have several advantageous features as well. However, they are not enough to meet the current market competition in this omnichannel world. Messaging platforms like WhatsApp have the capacity to help you to expand your reach, improve deliverability, increase conversions, manage support expenses, boost customer satisfaction and achieve other important business KPIs.

Employing Whatsapp business API solution as a part of business messaging strategy can especially be a game-changer, and help you to remain competitive and competent in the market. It will allow you to safely and securely message your customers, and support the marketing, sales, and customer service functions of your business. In contrast to the traditional SMS marketing system, WhatsApp is tied directly to a single phone number and offers a branded business profile rather than a string of digits. As a result, your customers would immediately know who they are chatting with or receiving messages from. This feature inspires superior trust in your brand and messaging. Through WhatsApp, you can also avail reliable delivery information, and know exactly when messages have been delivered and, ultimately, read.

The trend of using WhatsApp for ‘conversational commerce’ has surged up quite a bit recently. Through this system, your sales and support teams can easily answer product or customer service questions with rich, contextual messages, which ultimately would facilitate a new transaction or keep a current customer happy.



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