All You Need to Know About Dentures

Tooth loss is a common issue that most people face due to dental cavities and untreated dental problems. As dental implants may not be the perfect tooth replacement solution for all, the dentist may choose dentures to fill the gaps or replace missing teeth. There are two types of dentures, mainly- partial and full dentures. While partial dentures fill the gap between two or three missing teeth, full dentures replace all your missing teeth. The dentist often suggests dentures in Springfield, VA, when your teeth are missing or damaged beyond repair.

As dental implants require healthy gums and bone for support, it is never a viable solution when you have lost most or all of your teeth. Dentures are made of either porcelain or acrylic. While porcelain dentures are natural appearing, long-lasting, and strong, it is susceptible to breakage when dropped. It is also quite expensive compared to acrylic. Dentures that are made of acrylic are affordable, lightweight, and adaptable.

Wearing Dentures

Although your dentures might feel loose in the beginning, it takes a little time to adjust to the new dental replacement. However, there is hardly any need to use adhesives for the dentures to stay in place. It is naturally held in place with suction and saliva. Maintaining oral hygiene is quite important for dentures to last for many years.

Dentures need to be cleaned twice in a day to prevent oral infections and gum diseases. Before going to bed, remove your dentures, rinse them thoroughly in water, and use a soft toothbrush and paste to remove food residues. Soak them in denture cleaner or a glass of cool water overnight to remove bacteria, stains, and odor. It is important to remember not to use hot water or other cleaning agents to clean your dentures as it warps and discolor them. Always remove your dentures and soak them in water before going to bed, as wearing them overnight can cause infections and gum inflammation.

While you opt for dentures in Springfield, VA, you can rest assured that it will last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. However, as the gum tissues alter and recede over time, you may require minor adjustments. Regular visits to the dentist are essential when you choose to wear dentures as it helps to prevent mouth sores and minor discomfort. Your dentist will adjust and align the dentures so that it fits your mouth properly. Dentures need to be cleaned regularly to prevent oral infections and inflammations. It is one of the safest dental restoration procedures to support your facial muscle and prevent it from sagging.

Investing in dentures makes it easier to chew, eat, and speak comfortably without any pain, discomfort, and awkwardness.


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