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If you have an activation code for ESPN+, then you can log on to and type the code in the field. Logging on to the website will help you bypass some of the lengthy processes of activation.

Dan Thomas hosts the ESPN FC channel on YouTube, and there he talks about ESPN+ in the promo at the end of every video. ESPN+ is a premier sports entertainment network that hosts Bundesliga and other European league games apart from other worldwide sport events. It also features highlights and analysis of the game.

The most prolific part of the network is ESPN FC which is hosted by Dan Thomas, where he dissects every football game with the help of some football experts which includes Steve Nicol, Shaka, Alejandro Moreno, Julien Laurens, Craig Burley, Frank Labeouf, Sid Lowe, and Gabriele Marcotti.

ESPN Channels

ESPN added tons of channels to the list of previous channels and call it “ESPN+” (ESPN plus) to enjoy more of the service.

ESPN Plus is based on subscriptions. If you do not want the ESPN plus service you can stick to the previous ESPN service. And you can still complete the activate Roku TV using the ESPN Roku Channel code.

You will still be able to activate ESPN on Apple TV or Roku TV. And you will still be able to generate activate code which you are going to use on It works for ESPN plus watch and ESPN.

The things that are needed for activate on Roku, Smart TV and Firestick include:

  • ESPN Subscription.
  • ESPN Roku channel code (similar for other smart TVs).
  • ESPN login.
  • com activate portal.

How to activate ESPN on Roku

Follow this guide to activate ESPN on Roku:

  1. Go to Settings after launching the app
  2. Select Subscriptions then ESPN+
  3. Select Log In
  4. An activation code will appear on your screen
  5. Go to or espn.comom/activate on your browser
  6. Enter the activation code displayed on your Roku
  7. Hit Continue

How to activate ESPN or ESPN+ using

By activation, we mean you need to authenticate your Roku device at ESPN official website. With this process, the ESPN application will not work on your device. Proceed with the following steps for the activation of ESPN on your Roku device:

  1. After installing the ESPN application in your Roku device “Launch” the application.
  2. Now, go to the gear icon available on the screen to go to the settings of the application.
  3. Here you will see an “Activation code”. Save this code quickly before it disappears.
  4. Now grab a device connected with the internet and using a web browser goes to com/activate.
  5. Enter the activation code of the ESPN app of your Roku device.
  6. Make sure you are entering the code correctly.
  7. Click on the “Continue” button.
  8. After that, a sign-in screen will open in front of you.
  9. Enter your ESPN account details and click on the sign-in button.
  10. Your Roku is ready to access the ESPN streaming platform.

The way to perform the ESPN activate in your Roku streaming participant?

You’ll have the ability to locate ESPN if you surf through the sports department in the Roku Home Screen. You can look for the station with the Roku lookup option to make it quicker. You must highlight the title and station and then add it followed closely by hitting the choice, As soon as you receive the search results. Now you can locate ESPN on the channel listing of the Roku.​​

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