A Step by Step Guide for Tooth Extraction And Same Day Dentures!

Teeth are the most important feature of your mouth’s aesthetics though there could be a number of factors responsible for making you get your tooth removed no matter what treatments you have gone through in order to save your affected tooth. Some of those circumstances that push you towards tooth extraction are dental crowding (variability between the size of the tooth and the jaw), irreversible tooth disorders like tooth decay or periodontal disease, and dental trauma caused by several injuries.

Tooth extraction process

Tooth extraction is carried out using the following two methods given below:-

A simple extraction:- as the name suggests, a simple extraction process is straightforward and does not involve any complex steps. A visible tooth is removed using an elevator after loosening it which is removed afterward with forceps.

A surgical extraction:- There is a need for a surgical procedure if the tooth broke at the gum line or not erupted in the mouth. The impacted tooth is removed by making a small cut into the gum.

A step by step explanation of the whole procedure is described as follows:-

  1. At first, the tooth, the gum, and the surrounding bone tissue are numbed using a shot of anesthesia so as to initiate a pain-free surgery.
  2. Further, the tooth is extracted using particular dental surgical instruments called extractions forceps and dental elevators.
  3. Afterward, the dental surgeon enlarges the socket (that holds the tooth) so that it can be separated from its ligaments.
  4. Moving the tooth back and forth makes the bones squeeze eventually making the tooth come out effortlessly.

What is post tooth extraction care?

Dental surgeons advise following below mentioned instructions in order to avoid any complications that can occur after your tooth removal surgery:-

  1. It is mandatory to take prescribed pain killers and rest for at least a day.
  2. Spitting or rinsing your mouth is strictly prohibited during the rest period.
  3. It is highly advisable to avoid hard foods for a while and consume only soft food items.
  4. When the rest period is over, wash your mouth using a mixture of warm water and salt.

What are the Same Day Dentures?

Dentures that are planted immediately post tooth removal are referred to as the Same Day Dentures. There are basically two types of dentures namely partial dentures and complete dentures. Partial dentures are attached to your natural teeth if you have a few missing or damaged teeth whereas complete dentures are preferred by those patients who have lost most or all of their teeth either in the upper jaw or lower jaw.

Why same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures or immediate dentures allow you to get back to your normal routine with an intact smile after going through a tooth extraction procedure on a corresponding day. An immediate denture is considered ideal by dentists because they aid in the protection of affected tissue and the area where a tooth has been removed in order to avoid bleeding. It fills the gap between the extracted tooth and your natural tooth thereby reducing any discomfort of having to socialize toothlessly.

What are the important steps to follow for same-day dentures aftercare?

Once your immediate dentures have been fixed, you might need to keep in mind a few necessary key points required to take care of your dentures in order to maintain oral hygiene.

The following steps need to be followed:-

  • Swelling is normal after extraction and hence your temporary dentures are most likely to loosen with time as the swelling decreases.
  • A temporary lining is then used to make your same-day denture fit properly.
  • You need to align and adjust your temporary dentures from time to time if you plan on wearing them for more than 6-8 months period.

Once you have gathered all the vital information associated with the tooth removal, in order to have a comfortable and stress-free experience you can widen up your search for finding a dental expert specializing in Tooth Extraction Near Gilbert as well as for temporary dentures afterward the extraction procedure for maintaining a healthy smile and staying confident even after having your tooth removed.

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