A Handy Guide to Lower Your HVAC Energy Bills


Heating and cooling devices usually account for the majority of your monthly utility bills. Be it home or business, HVAC energy consumption has a huge impact on your expenses. Reducing your energy bills is possible, provided you make some adjustments and follow the steps explained below:

Don’t Ignore the HVAC Maintenance Routine:

Always make sure to have a proper maintenance plan for your HVAC system. Choose the best service for heating and AC repair in O’Fallon MO with maintenance. With periodical maintenance and prompt repairs, your heating and cooling systems will work at its peak performance. By making sure its components are working properly, you will make sure excess energy is not consumed at any time.

Use HVAC Systems at Optimum Temperature Range:

To make sure that you use energy efficiently, use your heating and cooling systems at their optimum temperature range. Check the device manual to see what the ideal temperature range of the device is. A professional specialized in repair and AC installation in O’Fallon will also be able to identify this for you. Do not try to alter the temperature frequently. For instance, setting the AC temperature all the way down during a hot day will make the system work more than required, thus reducing its efficiency.

Eliminate Air Infiltration:

Any occurrence of air infiltration has to be avoided not just during the winter months, but also during the hotter months. Any leakage of air will correspondingly bring down the efficiency of your HVAC device due to the loss of hot or cool air. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed while the device is operating. Having weather seals for your doors will also be beneficial. Not to mention adequate ventilation also prevents air infiltration.

Check Home Insulation:

Lack of proper insulation could also result in the loss of air from the HVAC system. Get in touch with a professional who will inspect and fix your home insulation.

Replace Air Filters Periodically:

Professionals of AC repair in O’Fallon MO suggest that HVAC air filters have to be replaced once a month. Changing air filters will make sure that there will be proper airflow.

Purchase High Efficiency Motors:

Increase your energy savings with the use of energy efficient systems. Purchasing energy efficient motors to be used in your HVAC devices will noticeably reduce your monthly energy costs, and the expenses incurred towards the purchase will be negligible.

Following these aforementioned tips will definitely help reduce your heating and cooling bills. For more assistance, get in touch with a qualified service offering heating and cooling repair in O’Fallon MO today.

The author does AC repair in O’Fallon MO. He is an avid blogger, who writes on various AC maintenance tips. Visit https://www.swissairstl.com/ for more details.

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