A Guide to Unique and Colorful Birthday Gifts Online

The baby gifts include the first children’s toys and souvenirs for young parents. Our selection presents varied and original toys among which you can find what will please the people you love.

The Best online gift store in Lahore, Pakistan at Express Oye offers happiness to babies and parents. To awaken the senses of newborns and bring them joy, infants or rattles are ideal first companions. We also offer accessories to equip toddlers or souvenir items to keep for life.

Buy a baby shower gift

If they are still too small to use the toys offered to them, babies are quick to learn to use their birth gifts. Very quickly, they want to have fun with whatever comes their way and are delighted to find colorful and sonorous objects to manipulate.

Soft toys are great as first toys. They are soft and handy to be picked up with ease. They feature many grips, ideal for small hands, and can be waved cheerfully. Some have a night light or music box function for the night. Others have bells that make noise when shaken.

Infants and dolls are their first friends. With their reassuring faces, they accompany them in the cradle for peaceful naps.

To awaken their senses, babies like to manipulate toys that react under their fingers or make funny sounds. They also need to chew on props to relieve their gums.

At bath time, it’s fun to have toyed around you. Express Oye offers a selection of games designed to go in the bathtub. You will find floating ducks or miniature boats there to sail.

An original birth gift to make memories

Our selection of birthday gifts online in Lahore offers sets that will be the first memories of young parents and their babies. More than just toys, they are supports to create your own little journal that you will leaf through when your children have grown up.

Photo albums welcome pictures of your toddlers. From maternity, you will photograph them lovingly. In an age when images remain in virtual memories, you print your favorite portraits to keep them in those little booklets that will never leave you.

Birth boxes are a delicate gift imbued with poetry. These little boxes of secrets contain all the sweets of childhood. They decorate a room nicely and serve as storage for small toys. The drawers can contain their first jewels, notes that one would have written to them, or their most beautiful figurines.

To keep a written record of the magical adventure of a baby coming into the world, we have books to fill out that make wonderful personalized birth gifts. Young parents can write down all the anecdotes that spice up the arrival of a child.

Practical Birth Gifts

At the birth of a child, you must equip yourself with childcare equipment and buy something to dress the baby. We at Express Oye, the best online gift store in Lahore, Pakistan offer accessories for young children which are judicious birth gifts.

To warm their little feet, slippers are essential … and so much the better if they are funny! A foam board for measuring toddlers is the perfect instrument for them to learn numbers later. In order to protect their health record, we offer colored covers that will allow you to easily find them in the drawer.

Babies do everything they can to get out of their cradle as quickly as possible. We have everything they need so that they can snort wisely and in complete safety. They can lie down comfortably on carpets with swing sets for nap fun. Or take shelter in a tipi to sleep out of the sun or to play in secret.

Also, think about our decorative elements for children’s rooms. We have a selection of small furniture, cushions, lamps, and paintings. All these accessories are colorful and in keeping with the atmosphere of a room intended for the youngest.

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