A Guide to Ring Resizing

So your engagement ring doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe your fiancé bought a ring that is too small or too larger. Perhaps, you lost or gained weight and the ring no longer fits you perfectly. Whatever the reason may be, ring resizing could help you get your ring in the right size. Ring resizing is a common jewelry repair Albuquerque, and many jewelers offer this service through their jewelry stores.

Before you take your ring to the jewelry stores in Albuquerque, there are a few things you need to know so that you can make informed decisions and here are they:-

Resizing – Making it Larger

If your fiancé has got you an engagement ring that is too small, then you’ll want to resize the ring and make it big. The jeweler will add extra metal to make the band bigger, and they will cut the ring’s shark, adding a bridge of gold to make the ring larger. The bridge is added by soldering the metal.

Another method is stretching the ring. The jeweler will stretch the existing ring shark by pulling it apart and elongating it. However, jewelers try to avoid this method as it will render the ring weaker and even the slightest mistake can damage your ring. Besides, it can also change the look of the ring.

Resizing – Making it Smaller

Unlike making a ring bigger, there is only one method to make it smaller. The jeweler will cut off a part of the ring’s shark to the desired size and finally join the ends by soldering them together. However, making a ring smaller than its original size can be trickier, especially if you have a ring with inset stones, an eternity ring, and delicate games. However, an expert jeweler who is specialized in jewelry repair Albuquerque can help resize your ring and make it smaller without causing any damages to the structure of your ring.

Alternatively, if your ring size is only one or two sizes bigger than your actual ring size, it is a good idea to use ring overlays to prevent it from slipping off from your finger. Ring overlays are an ideal solution for all rings, especially if you have a delicate ring that could get easily damaged during the resizing.

In some situations, including the prongs of the ring can flare out, the rings has a channel or pave setting, and engravings on the ring can be damaged, resizing might not be possible. The jeweler is the right person to determine whether the ring could be resized or not. Make sure to choose a reputed jeweler who has experience and knowledge in resizing the ring.

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