A Brief Guide to Picking the Best Fake Eyelashes

Choosing the perfect fake eyelash is quite similar to picking a hairstyle that suits the shape of your face. Some of the best fake eyelashes are popularly known to enhance and even alter the shape of your eyes. While most people are confused by the thought of wearing false eyelashes for the fear that it might appear unnatural and overly made-up, the reality is quite different. Wearing the right kind of false eyelashes add to the beauty of your eyes as it is far more convenient than wearing mascara and other eye make-up to beautify your eyelashes.

Almond-shaped eyes

Being one of the most beautiful and versatile eye shapes, women with almond-shaped eyes can enhance the appearance of their eyes with any kind of fake eyelashes, as they look great with all of them. Almond-shaped eyes are pointed at the ends with a wide center at the curve of the iris. You can flaunt the beauty of your almond-shaped eyes by wearing evenly distributed full eyelashes. Though you can choose most of the false eyelashes for almond-shaped eyes, it finally depends on how you want to appear. You can choose individual lashes, strip lashes or half lashes for a fuller and dramatic appearance.

Monolid eyes

When there is no visible crease and the skin covers the upper eyelid, it is commonly known as mono-lidded eyes. It is commonly found among Asian women who can choose multi-layered and fluttering kind of false eyelashes, which will give extra volume and depth to the eyes. It will also have the effect of “opening” the eye. It will also create an illusion of elongated eye shape, accentuating the beauty of the wearer. When it comes to monolid eyes, fake eyelashes create a huge difference in the appearance. Strip eyelashes are perfect for those who have monolid eyes, as it is thick and long.

Round eyes

Women with round eyes, where most of the iris can be seen, should choose curly lashes, which have the ability to lift and enhance the appearance of their eyes. However, it is important to avoid heavy lashes as it can intimidate the appearance of their eyes, making it look smaller. Round-eyed women can magnify the shape of their eyes by wearing a multi-layered, long, and curly eyelash to create a cat-eye appearance. It will also bring the perfect balance to your eyes, making it appear brighter and even more beautiful.

While you choose from a huge range of false lashes, make sure to choose the best fake eyelashes with the exceptional quality so that they are comfortable and reusable.


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