5 Surefire Signs Of An Unhealthy Battery That’s About To DIE…

The post explains lucidly about 5 clear signs of an unhealthy phone battery that could be on the verge of dying out. Each of those tell-tales is stated down below for your understanding. Read on!

An age old saying goes – nothing lasts forever! And rightly so. Take the example of phone batteries. Even the strongest of batteries tend to lose its capacity somewhere when it is in between the 300-600 cycle counts. Once a battery has reached and exceeded that cycle count, their performance diminishes considerably and using them becomes rather irritating.

To help you properly informed on the matter, here are 5 surefire signs of an unhealthy phone battery who’s on its last breaths.

  • It Refuses To Turn On

Besides your device needing professional phone screen repair from experts in Melbourne, another reason why it refuses to turn on is when its battery is about to die. Your device battery is most certainly could suffer from some power issues.

Although the culprit could also be your charger. So make sure to check with another charger and if the issue remains, then the issue could be none other than your device battery which has to be changed instantly.

  • It Only Comes To Life When Connected To Its Charger

If your phone appears to be completely dead, but on plugging into the charger you notice it coming back to life; then it could be due to a dying battery. Furthermore, if you find that your device shutting down immediately as you unplug the charger, it could also mean that the present battery is dead and will require replacing.

  • It Overheats

When your battery constantly overheats whenever it is put on charge, it could mean that it is slowly nearing its end and will require replacing soon. Moreover, overheating of the battery can also have a big negative impact on the battery’ overall performance and life.

So, whenever you find your phone battery too hot to touch, make note that it could be dying and needs to be replaced immediately.

  • It Starts To Bulge

If you come across a device which begins to unseal itself from the framework of the device, then it could be due to the battery bulging and in the process pushing the screen upwards.

Moreover, another reason for your phone battery swelling is when the battery cells get overcharged. This is clearly a hazard and whenever it happens; you need to take them to the experts and have them replaced immediately before they burst and hurt someone in the process.

  • It Can’t Retain The Charge Even When Charged To Full

Last, but not the least; your battery starts to lose power even when it was charged to full. In worst case scenarios; if your battery is about to die, it may not even be able to hold charge for a span of 4-5 hours.

On top of that, if you have a habit of using your phone numerous times in a day, then it may spell more doom on your dying battery and force it to lose power even quicker.

So, if you find that your phone battery isn’t even sustaining 4-5 hours of charge per day, then you should know for sure that it is time to get it checked out by experts offering phone repair service in and across Melbourne.

If any of these issues stands true for your case, then speak to the experts today!

The author is a family man who always likes to spend time with his wife, kids and parents. He is a wonderful cook and beverage maker. And professionally, he runs a phone repair shop in Melbourne to help the needs of respective clients in and across the region.

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