5 Reasons to Eat Papad

We Indians are delighted to eat appetizing food. For us, tasty food matters as much as wholesome food does. Besides, many of us are bound by the taste of regionalism and culture. Hence, vegetarian diets are usually limited by the number of food items that they can eat.

We indulge in eating side snacks along with our main course meal. Thus, pickles, fryums, and papads are some of the commonest meal taste enhancers that we love eating along with the daily meal.

In this guide, we shall take a look at why papads are so preferred or why we should eat them along with the meal. Below are the reasons, as follows.

1 – They make every meal very enjoyable

One of the most prominent reasons for eating papads along with the daily meal is that they make every morsel very delightful. Be it any vegetable or any style of cooking, eating some pieces of papads can add a great taste to every bite we take.

Be it rice or chapatis, papads go along with them really well. Some of us even regard them as an indispensable part of our daily dietary habits.

2 – They are an imperishable foodstuff

A great feature of papads is that they are a form of seasoned food items. They are sun-dried and free of moisture and humidity. They, therefore, last for an indefinite period.

For this reason, many of us keep a whole stock of papads that we usually make in the summer season. This stock is meant to last throughout the year.

We tend to make a whole assortment in terms of the varieties, namely moong dal papad and chana dal papad, depending on one\’s liking.

3 – They are easily available

Making papads is not something we all are skilled in. Buying them from the local grocery store is an alternative. The easy availability of papads makes them highly sought-after food items we can buy from the local market.

What\’s really intriguing is that some online retailers also sell papad online. This can be particularly advantageous for those who buy in bulk. Online retailers have never ever been disappointed in situations like COVID-19 lockdowns.

4 – They are a healthy snack

We are obsessed with tasty and delightful foods nowadays. We are continually exposed to the easy availability of unhealthy snacks. There are loads of such snacks in the market that are full of preservatives, MSG, and other food additives that are highly detrimental to the health.

Papads are made from healthy food items like chickpea grams etc., that are full of proteins. Frying them can make them soak oil, which is regarded unhealthy, especially over a period of some years. Baking them is a healthy practice that may compromise on the taste a bit but does prove to be a great idea.

Buying papad online means you can stock a pile of healthy snacks, which are available for you anytime.

5 – They are a great standalone snack

Eating papads along with a full course meal is a general practice. However, it is not where it is limited. Given the dearth of options due to the COVID-19 situation, people like munching on papads between meals.

Many of us enjoy fried papads while watching films and as a great pastime.


In this article, you have learned about the benefits of eating papads. Many of us like eating them along with a meal; they add a great taste to it. Besides, many love munching on them between meals. Their easy and online availability on websites such as Indore Online – https://www.indore.online/ makes them a preferred choice for many.

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