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Major applications of emergency lighting are residential, industrial, and commercial. Some other applications are ship yards, railway station, and airports. Out of these, the residential sector is expected to register the fastest growth in demand for emergency lighting solutions during the forecast period. This is attributed to the rising construction of residential homes in APAC and Middle East and Africa.

Apart from this, in countries including Brazil, the U.A.E., and Qatar are making it mandatory to integrate emergency lighting solutions in buildings, which is further driving the demand for emergency lighting market. Geographically, North America made the most use of emergency lighting in 2018, owing to the rising construction of commercial and residential buildings in the U.S.

The rising adoption of better safety standards is opening up wide opportunities for the companies operating in the emergency lighting market. The focus of governments around the world has increased towards enhancing their safety standards because of the rising terror attacks and growing uncertainties in terms of natural calamities.

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Some of key lighting regulations for testing and maintaining exit & emergency lighting systems across the globe are Standard Fire Prevention Code 1999 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration Code of Federal Regulations. Due to this, the players in the domain have opportunities for testing, installing, and maintaining emergency lights.



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