3 Reasons To Switch To Our Shredded Craft Tissue This New Year

As we all know, we’re unfortunately unable to ring in 2021 in quite the way most of us would have wished to do. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage and hand-washing and social distancing practices still needing to be diligently followed, a lot of us will be starting the New Year more cautiously than might have been the case in previous years.

There can, however, be some goodness in that – not least the opportunity to pinpoint some simple ways of living our lives better. So if you’re in the market for shredded craft tissue, why should you consider embracing our shredded craft tissue in 2021?

You really can use it for so many different purposes! 

What on Earth is shredded craft tissue for, anyway? Well, it can be “for” a dizzying array of things – think everything from the packing of posted goods and hampers, to arts and crafts projects and even bedding for animals.

That’s why, even if you initially purchase some of our shredded paper for just one purpose – such as the packing of gifts for friends, colleagues or business clients – it’s well worth keeping some extra paper to one side in 2021. After all, you never know when it might come in useful.

It’s available in an amazing assortment of colours 

While our shredded craft tissue is a practical rather than merely good-looking product – being less susceptible to crushing, for instance, than traditional tissue paper – there’s no denying its aesthetic appeal. Our natural shredded paper is already more of a delight to the eye than conventional tissue paper or bubble wrap, when you’re seeking the ideal packaging material in 2021.

Our shredded craft tissue is made even more of a pleasure to look at, however, by the variety of enchanting colours in which you can buy it – encompassing white, cream, yellow, black, green, pink and so many more interesting hues. That allows you to easily tie in your chosen shredded paper with all manner of special occasions – such as Valentine’s or Easter – and other themes.

You’ll be doing the right thing for our planet 

Whether you’re running a small business and wish to practise what you preach on social responsibility, or you’re an individual concerned about how we protect the only Earth we have, our shredded craft tissue ticks all of the key boxes.

We offer a broad range of natural shredded kraft paper that is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Indeed, such is the high quality of our shredded craft tissue, that if you include it in a gift box or hamper, your recipient might well be tempted to keep it for their own use. Contrast that with bubble wrap, which many of us throw away without a second thought.

And while we’re on the subject of packaging, when you order shredded paper from us, it isn’t just the paper itself that will be environmentally friendly, as we’ll also send it to you in recycled or repurposed cardboard packaging.

If you’re tempted to see what our shredded craft tissue is like ‘in the flesh’ before you place an order, don’t forget that free samples are available. Then, if you like what you see and feel, our online store is the perfect place to explore for all of our latest collections and colour mixes.



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