05 Legit Method to get Free Robux in 2019


Are you looking to get a legit method to acquire free Robux for your Roblox Game? Get additional facts about free robux codes

Legit Method without having Buying:

Are you Kidding?

As per our research, we have found out numerous methods, by which you could get free Robux with no spending any money.

Need to Know Additional:

Let’s dive into within the strategies straight forward and check for those who can get these without having placing any real money.

05 Approaches GET FREE ROBUX IN 2019

Acquire Account which has Collectives Products

Create a brand new Game in Roblox

Exchange Collectible things or Trade them

Join Survey or GPT website and Earn Robux

Join Social Media Giveaway for Free Robux

So, these are the top 05 legit methods to have free Robux in 2019, let’s verify every one and see how you can implement these strategies.


When you verify various online portals like eBay.com, you’ll find you will find numerous Roblox account which are displayed to become sold by users.

Just Go and browse all these accounts and verify for the collectives and free Robux they offer in their Roblox account.

You could also check these accounts in eBays

Money Roblox Account

Money Roblox Account

Collectives Roblox Account

Uncommon Roblox Account

Mystery Roblox Account

Simple Roblox Account (incorporates Builder Hut)

Old and Rare Collection Roblox Account

Now, according to the collectives and Robux present in their account, you are able to verify the price variety.

Commonly, these Roblox account starts from $25 to $250, based on the uncommon and collective products.

So, what are the takeaway:

You can spend tiny amount and get an old account that is full of uncommon and collectives’ products, which you are able to sell in the industry and get an excellent price tag.

2. Develop A brand new GAME IN ROBLOX

Yes, we know this can be not Feasible:

But if you love tiny programing or know small about LUA, then you can attempt hand in developing a game in Roblox.

Now, Roblox is a multiplayer multiplatform game server, which makes it possible for customers to construct their own game or space and play on it.

For those who have little information of how a game ought to run or how exciting might be added to any game, then you can use this method.

At present, you will find two variation techniques, by which it is possible to start out making your game

Roblox Game develop in LUA language

Roblox Game develop in Roblox Studio.

For Non-Programming People:

In case you are non-programmer, then you can attempt Roblox Studio and begin producing your game.

Roblox Studio is designed is such a way that even a non-programmer can make a new game with no any problem.

You need to check all the free Roblox Studio tutorial and case study prior to you may plunge in to the programing of Roblox.

So, what is the Takeaway:

It is possible to make Roblox Game, irrespective of any programming expertise.


Exchange Collectible products and Trade them to get Robux, is the oldest method of earning in Roblox game.

There are lots of case research in Roblox, exactly where people have brought Uncommon or Collective items in 2015 and sold them for high rates in 2016.

Within one year, the rate with the collective products has elevated three occasions, and people happily paid the greater value.

So, when you’ve got a sense of choosing collective things, then invest in some rare or collective items which will fetch you double money in one year.


You can join big Survey or GPT website and earn points which later is usually credited as Robux.

In these GPT websites, you’ll need to perform a little activity, for which you happen to be awarded free points.

Each of the points when collected later is usually credit into any Digital Gift Card of your option, like Robux.

Some of survey and GPT website are provided below






Want free Robux:

Best approach to get some free Robux will be to participate in Social Media Giveaway, in this you’ll need to share, post, blog, bio, hyperlink to a unique social media platform.

There are plenty of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest exactly where you’ll be able to check for these types of offers.

All the offers are free to participate, and also you can earn big Robux, just by participating and sharing links in your social media portfolio.


So, they are the 05 legit Method to get Free Robux in 2019.



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