You Deserve a Good Lunch after a Hectic Work: Get These Tips for a Safe Food


The NSW Food Authority of Australia advices to keep the food in lunch boxes cool, as the microbes that cause food poisoning will proliferate between 5ºC and 60ºC. The research further reveals that around 4.1 million Australians are subjected to food poisoning every year!

Food safety plays a vital role in safeguarding your health. You have to ensure safe food especially when you pack foods in lunch bags. Most people buy lunch bags just for its pretty look and ignore the food safety factors. So this article is all about the tips for the safety of food in your lunch bags.

How to Pack Your Food Safely?

When you pack food to your working place or for your kids, make sure your packing method suits the food within, so that you or your kid can enjoy your delicious lunch and prevent food-borne illness. Generally, bags that maintain the temperature of your food stuffs like cooler bags Australia are suggested for a safe food. Let’s see the safety tips for food packing,

– Avoid Raw Meats Or Food Items – Food items like raw egg yolk, sushi doesn’t suit for lunch bag packing.

– Make A Your Cooking In A Cleaner Environment – Avoid cross-contamination by maintaining a neat and tidy cooking surface and washing your hands frequently when your hands become smeared while cooking.

– Stick To The Safe Temperature Zones – Some food items are to be kept cold while some others are to be kept hot. Pack your food in a thermos for the warmer foodstuffs and in the cooler lunch bags Australia or freezer gel packs for cold food items.

– Wash The Dishes Properly – Thoroughly clean and dry the containers.

– Dodge Leftovers In Cooking – Don’t take a risk with your health by using the leftovers in cooking.

Ways to Keep Your Lunch Cool

Maintaining the cold temperature of your food in a lunch bag can be tricky when refrigeration is not available. So the following are some of the methods to preserve the chillness of your food,

– Get An Insulated Lunch Bag – Have a variety in your lunch that includes meats, dairy, and fruits, with the insulated bags like lunch cooler bags.

– Freezer Gel Packs – These ice packs can be kept inside your lunch bags to maintain the temperature.

– Place The Packed Lunch In The Fridge – Place the packed lunch in the fridge and before you head out, pop it in your lunch bag with an ice pack.

– Buy An Insulated Container – An insulated container aids in the maintenance of coolness in your lunch.

Thus have a safe and delicious lunch.

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