XP-Pen Artist15.6 15.6 inch IPS Drawing Monitor Pen Display



Cutting-Edge Design and Technology

Functions allow users to sketch, paint, design and edit directly from the tablet screen.

Enjoy the high quality glass design which gives you high precision and prevents dust build up.

Latest Passive Pen Design

Our P05 stylus technology provides 8192 levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity.

15.6” 1920×1080 IPS 16:9 Display with 178° degree of visual angle

Delivers life-like colors, greater contrast, sharper, and vivid images.

Support 4k Displays.

Features USB Type-C input design.

11mm thin design, 3 in 1 cable, and a new brightness adjustment button.

6 fully customizable express keys create a highly ergonomic and convenient work platform.

One-click toggle allows you to switch between Pen and Eraser instantly.

Adopted the newest F900 High Tech IC, to make lines flow smoother and perform better.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pen Monitor Compatible with Most Operating Systems and Applications

Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS version 10.8 or later, and major graphics software such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and more.



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