Wondersperm Resolving Challenges In Male Infertility

The female factor with respect to infertility management caters to a broad-based investigation where a battery of tests determining hormonal levels as well as procedures such as endoscopies and finding ovarian reserve together decide the course of treatment. Male factor contributes to half of the infertility problems. In males, however, the onus is completely embedded in a simple semen analysis test.

A semen analysis is a gateway to decide the line of infertility treatment. The choices available in the form of IUI, conventional IVF and ICSI will depend on numbers associated with certain parameters in semen. When we talk about semen analysis, we focus on three essential parameters which are important from a treatment perspective. The concentration, the motility, and the morphology of the sperm!

When we examine the concentration or in other words the number of sperm in the given volume of the semen sample, there is a certain benchmark documented by the World Health Organization on the basis of which a report is generated and diagnosis mentioned! (If the concentration is less than 15million/ml, it’s categorized as oligozoospermia according to WHO edition, 2009-10) The concentration along with the motility and the morphology subsequently enables the IVF clinicians to choose a certain line of treatment.

If say patient X with a count of 10 million/ml and 20% progressive motility is reported, then he may or may not be suitable for an IUI cycle! Increase the count to 70million/ml and I may consider a couple of IUI cycles subject to the scrutiny with other female factors. This discrepancy changed the treatment scenario and so it emphasizes the necessity to count sperm quite accurately.

Wonder Sperm Counting Chamber has fundamentally changed the way a semen analysis is done. And it has contributed to reducing this disparity which I mentioned above, giving us information correctly with respect to the number of sperm!

The chamber is composed of two parts, the lower main metal base, and the upper glass portion. At the center of it is a grid, divided into a hundred squares and the number of sperm you count in ten of them indicates their concentration in million/ml. This improves precision and from my experience has been instrumental in overcoming false counts and reports.

Apart from that, the device is operator friendly, stable, smooth with a chamber grip and comes in two chamber depths of 10u and 20u respectively. The Chamber will also exhibit other accessories such as a chamber grip, a cleaning brush, a bottle for distilled water and a user manual.

The Wonder Sperm Counting Chamber has a few advantages over its contemporaries and those traditional glass slides with cover slips!

Firstly, working in fertility clinics for more than six years now, I have made an observation regarding the semen analysis reports. There was a massive difference between a semen analysis report of some patient done in a pathology lab and the report we later derived after performing analysis in a fertility clinic with the chamber. The divergence was especially seen in the concentration! Interestingly, this observation was specific to pathology labs since reports obtained from other fertility clinics used to match our own reports or findings. This may be an indication that analysis is not appropriated in pathology labs (no use of a counting device) and this may give us wrong concentration. Counting chambers also give a uniform smear which may not be the case with a slide.

A count of 300 million/ml from a pathology lab was revised to somewhere between 30-40million/ml with a counting chamber in the fertility clinic. This aspect will gain more prominence in a severe male factor condition such as Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia!

Secondly, even if we vouch for its contemporaries or alternatives such as the Neubauer Hemocytometer, they have a critical disadvantage of needing to dilute the semen sample prior to analysis. A semen sample needs to be diluted and with an increase in the volume of samples to be handled, this may often affect the speed of analyzing and reproducibility.

A counting chamber does not need dilution and this may be a point to consider when we have to manage ten or fifteen samples in a day. The device is suited well to accustom to a busy situation or procedures in an Andrology laboratory.

Thirdly, motility may be better measured in a counting chamber as it provides a frictionless horizontal plane which facilitates normal sperm movement. The conditions are standard, unlike a glass slide where compression by the coverslip can impair sperm motility. This certainly adds to the efficiency since motility factor becomes important for IUI or conventional IVF.

Semen analysis has been unfortunately taken for granted and is used as a tool to merely confirm the presence or absence of sperms rather than ascertaining its right quantity. As clinicians wait to know the count immediately and decide the course of treatment, the onus has shifted from making a comprehensive report to haphazardly completing it. The patience to let it get analyzed meticulously goes out of the window and a hurried up, shortcut approach is utilized.

A simple Wonder Sperm Counting Chamber from the Wonder Sperm Series of Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd. can help better the semen analysis and give the right perspective in the examination of the male factor infertility.

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The Wondersperm Diagnostic Laboratory is a well equipped Andrology laboratory, with experienced lab technologists, well versed in the testing of human spermatozoa. It offers referring clinicians the opportunity to get a plethora of useful information which will help them choose the best line of treatment.

Wondersperm Diagnostic Laboratory aims to provide utmost care and meticulous services that go hand in hand with the needs of the patient. Wondersperm by Shivani Industries helps pathology laboratories and IVF Clinics in setting up andrology laboratory.

The venture of Shivani Scientific Industries – Wondersperm will aid pathologists and ivf centres for the assessment of male reproductive health using both routine and advanced methods of semen analysis, while ensuring quality, objectivity and reproducibility of analysis, thus benefitting Andrologists, Gynecologists and ART practitioners alike in getting an idea of the fertility potential of the male partner.

You can contact the team of Wondersperm at http://www.shivaniivf.com or call them at 91 22 2896 1768 to talk with them.




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