Why you should want IB education for your child

The education field is filled with many options. It could be a daunting task trying to find the best option for your child. But as a parent, you cannot give up the role of ensuring that your child not only receives an education but also gets to choose the right programme.

To help Singaporean parents make an informed decision, this post will answer the question
why you should want an IB education for your child.

Gaining international perspective
The world has turned into a global village with no political, economic and social boundaries. Therefore, everyone needs to be positioned to take advantage of a world without boundaries. IB education breaks the shackles and barriers for any child who wants to scale up the international stage and make an impact to the world. It gives them a chance to learn of different cultures and seamlessly fit in anywhere around the world. Getting this education is like a gift of the entire world under your child’s feet.

High chances for scholarships and education grants
There is no doubt that IB is a competitive course. Not many students have enrolled for it as yet. This leaves any child taking the programme with more opportunities for grants and scholarships compared to other flooded courses. For a parent struggling with other bills, this financial help would go far in easing educational expenditure.

Improved self-confidence
The IB education is holistic in approach. It does not only emphasize on academic excellence but also on personal development. One advantage your child will get is being self-assured to take risks in life. If you look around, it is only people who are willing to take risks that succeed. You will be setting your child onto the path for success. That is what a proud parent would want for their child.

High acceptance rate for advanced education
Universities, colleges and other higher learning institutions tend to accept more of students with IB qualification than other courses. You do want your child to go further in education and now you have the chance to ensure that they will never be rejected in any institution of higher learning.

Developing a liberal mind
You do not want your child to be tied down by chains of bad culture and closed-mindedness. The IB programme is one which is known to open up your child’s mind. They will approach future challenges with intelligence, listen to other people’s opinions and appreciate their history. A child with such attributes is a free thinker and has greater chances to succeed. History has shown us that great innovation and inventions were done by liberals who were not limited by cultural, political or economic boundaries. Your child too can be on their way to becoming a great innovator in the near future if only you make the right choices for them now.

No limit to the scope of knowledge
IB education is wide and covers almost every aspect of life. You will never stop learning once you start, like a permanent river of knowledge that never runs dry. A knowledgeable child is every parent’s pride.

It is not only about education for a career; there is so much more. While many educational programmes emphasize on academic excellence, IB does more than that. Apart from imparting relevant knowledge for a future career, it also gives your child crucial life lessons. By the time your child completes the course, they will be holistically qualified for a job and be a better member of society.

Unmatched ingenuity
Creativity is a life skill that every child must learn, but not all kinds of education give this to children. The IB education has a reputation of instilling creativity in children of all ages. Faced with daily life challenges and dilemmas, your child will be able to come up with ways to solve them. Having such a child is not only beneficial to you as a parent but also to the entire world.

The writing’s on the wall. IB education has so many benefits for your child. Giving them an international worldview, cultivating free thinking and nurturing their individual talents are some of the convincing reasons you should want an IB education for your young ones. Choose a good IB school for your child and you will never regret this decision.

Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.



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