Why You Need an Attorney to Make an Insurance Claim


Anyone who’s suffered from some sort of mishap or loss, that ought to have been covered by their insurance policy, will know that making a claim, be it large or small is not a simple and straightforward matter. The insurer is well versed in his business and can easily shrink your compensation amount or deny it altogether using loop holes in the policy terms.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to hire a Albuquerque personal injury attorney to help you pull your claim from an insurance company.

– Extent of injury: If you have suffered from a severe personal injury, and have spent a considerable amount on medical bills and an extended stay at a hospital. It’s also a big possibility that you’ve had to go on a loss of pay at work for your injury. Any kind of disability (lasting for any length of time) you’ve suffered as a result of the injury puts you at a disadvantage. You’re ability to move around and research your claim and the rules surrounding it may well be limited or even impossible. This is one reason why hiring a good personal injury attorney in Albuquerque MN is ideal.

– Depth of knowledge: Every so often cases crop up that are complex and require specialized knowledge of personal injury cases. Attorneys have specializations in specific areas of personal injury such as the below to name a few:

– Automotive accidents
– Slip and fall accidents
– Burn injuries
– Medical negligence or malpractice
– Pedestrian accidents
– Construction accidents
– Aviation accidents
– Boating accidents

Many more specializations exist which are more uncommon and harder to solve.

Your choice of a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, should ideally be decided based on his specialization i.e. majority of the cases he has handled involve auto accidents. Furthermore, the attorney must have a sufficiently good track record i.e. success rate in the given specialization, otherwise your hard earned money would be put at risk (in terms of the compensation and also in terms of legal fees).

The author has been an experienced personal injury attorney in Albuquerque MN for the past 14 years. She specializes in personal injury cases brought on by auto accidents and slip and fall accidents. For more details, visit https://www.ellisestes.com



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