Why You Must Understand How to Use the Unibet Free Bet?

Like every bonus offered by bookies, the Unibet free bet has the role of tempting you to use their services. Contrary to the name “free bet” you must first accomplish some conditions to be able to get the bonus and even more if you want to withdraw your winnings. This applies to every sign up bonus out there, including William Hill free bet. For this reason, you must understand these conditions if you want to have a good time using the offer, otherwise, you may get frustrated when you do not get the bonus or when you are not able to withdraw it.

Although betting for fun is not a complicated thing but if you want to use the offers provided by bookies it is strongly recommended you read the rules of the offer and the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. This applies to Unibet as well. In this article you will learn two types of sign up offers and what rules you must follow if you want to have a chance to profit from them.

How Does The Unibet Free Bet Works?

In the  Unibet free bet  offer, you have the possibility to make a bet up to £40 and if you lose that bet you will get the stake back as bonus money and £10 on top of that as a bonus for casino use only, unlike william hill free bet that no not contain a casino bonus.

If you win the bet then you will only get the bonus for casino. You should keep in mind the fact that they act as separate bonuses and you will be able to only access them one at a time. To be able to withdraw the free bet winnings you must wager 3 times the amount. But for the casino bonus, you must wager it 35 times. It looks harder than it is because you can make many bets in lower amounts and in this way you can’t lose all the money at once and so your chances to fulfill the condition rise dramatically.

The first thing you need to do if you want to make use of their offer is to register a new account where you must clearly state you are over 18 years old. After you have done that you must deposit at least £10. The next step is to make a bet. Keep in mind that the amount you bet is equal to the bonus you will get in case you lose that bet, up to £40. It is your decision how much to bet but the odds of the bet must be at least 1.4 to qualify in the offer. This odds requirement applies to the bets made with bonus money as well. The last important condition is the time limit. The bonus is available for 7 days before it disappears. So you must fulfill the wager conditions in this period if you want to keep the money.

What Makes William Hill Free Bet Different?

There are some important differences between the  William Hill free bet  and the unibet one. Although the amount you get in bonus is smaller and fixed at William Hill, the restrictions are easier to fulfill:

– Code. The first difference appears at the registration step, where you must use the code “P30” to be able to benefit the sign up the offer.

– Fixed deposit. Another difference is the amount you must deposit. It is fixed at £10, you can deposit more but the bonus you will get will not rise in any way. You must make a bet with a stake of £10 and odds of min 1.5. After the bet is settled you will get 2 free bets with a stake of £15 each, so £30 in total. An important mention is that you will get the bonus even if you win the qualifying bet.

– No turnover requirement. The withdrawal conditions are much simple as well. You must place the free bets in 30 days and you keep what you win. Although the conditions are much easier than the Unibet ones, you only get the winnings, the stake is not returned so the amount that you will keep, even if you win, is much smaller than the Unibet offer.

It is your decision to make which offer you want to use. The Unibet free bet that has a very high potential of return but with conditions as harsh as the potential. Or, the one that has a much lower amount of money you can win but with easier conditions to fulfill. Think carefully how much money you want to invest in this endeavor and which offer complies with your style.



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