Why VoIP Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems makes good senses for small and medium businesses. A recent survey finds that more than one-third of all businesses are now having a VoIP system and the vast majority of those businesses having less than 40 to 50 employees. With the help of these systems, voice data is sent through an internet connection in digital form. VoIP has a better sound quality and in addition that, the cloud platform makes VoIP a more viable option for small enterprises. Instead of running special wiring and installing sophisticated equipment, firms that have a cloud-hosted VoIP phone need not have to purchase any equipment or employ staff for installation and maintenance.

The cloud-based systems dispense with the majority of the software and hardware components and require only broadband connectivity for activation. This helps in reducing capital expenditure and makes it convenient to turn up and deployment.


Many business owners are happy that their VoIP system has eliminated all complicated tech support that their landline required. The best VoIP for small businesses are user-friendly and having a proper network helps the owners to effectively communicate with their customers. When there is the hiring of new employees, the cloud-based solution makes simple for adding phone lines. A proud owner says that they click just two buttons on the online interface, the phone comes after a few days, plug the phone into an Ethernet port and the phone is running efficiently. One of the pros of VoIP especially for businesses with employees who work in different locations or remotely is it allows employees to carry their business phone line wherever they go. Majority of the VoIP providers have a mobile app where one can set up to ring whenever a client or a customer calls to an employee’s business line. In addition to that, these apps have a feature that allows employees to use their business line for making outgoing calls from their smartphones. These systems help in running the business as usual, no matter where your employees are physically sitting.


Cost is one of the major reason business are switching to VoIP. Majority of the VoIP providers charge a monthly fee instead of a fee based on the number of minute’s employees in the organization spends on the phone. Moreover one needs not to pay a huge amount for special equipment as well as on IT staff which is a significant saving for numerous small businesses. There are some cloud-based solutions where one needs to pay ten to 25 dollars per user every month. A huge advantage of internet telephony and VoIP is you do not need to pay the tools that are charged by ordinary telephone service.


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