Why Should I Buy a Water Purifier?

If you are worried about the quality of water coming through taps to your home, then you need to take strong steps towards buying the best water purifier in India. In spite of the awareness to boil tap water before drinking, it does not prove to be the best method to purify and make water safe for drinking.

  • Nowadays, with the onset of number of diseases spreading from one country to another, we need to be cautious on what we consume. I have mentioned few basic yet important points to remember while you buy a water purifier for home use.
  • Waterborne diseases like Diarrhea is common but so are Hepatitis A. It is a viral liver disease transmitted through contaminated water and food.
  • Typhoid Fever can cause serious illness, headache and in some cases even death. It generally transmits through poor sanitation and contaminated water.
  • Water gets transported through age-old metal pipes. Infants and children both may face physical and mental developmental problems through regular consumption of lead-tainted water
  • Cryptosporidium; a pathogen that sometimes gets into water supplies can cause gastrointestinal disease and it could be fatal.
  • Best water purifiers can remove Nitrates if present in water. Nitrates are converted to nitrites once they enter the intestines, which prevent blood from transporting oxygen and pose an immediate threat to infants and older children.
  • Chlorine is a common method used by our Government to purify water. The chlorination process is dangerous for the pregnant woman and may cause birth defects. Sensitive children can get affected by rigorous coughing and asthma.

To avoid drinking tap water, bottled water may seem an option but buying a water purifier for your home is a more sustainable option than drinking bottled water. It is economical and easy to maintain with representatives from water purifier brand coming regularly to clean the filter.

Many brands of water purifier are available in stores and even online. It has become easy and convenient to buy water purifier online by comparing their features and prices what indeed help to buy the best.  You can pick from the wide and different range of water purifiers that suits your budget and preference.

Finally, I hope that the next big thing you can get for your loved ones is a water purifier which will take care of their health by keeping them away from water-borne diseases.



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