Why One Should Choose Custom Size Rugs?

You have got the favorite rug of your choice – texture, color and the pattern is perfect for your sweet home. But how large it should be yet still maintaining the scale of your room? Where it should be laid and how will you measure. This guide provides all the details on how to get the perfect look by having custom size rugs.

Sizing – Basically, large rugs create a feeling of calmness and order whereas small rugs divide a room but suitable for various situations. For muted or plain tones, a large rug will work better but with a busy design and vivid colors, a large rug will look odd.

Zoning – A rug helps in defining a specific area within a room, usually a relaxation area. Therefore, rather laying your favorite rug in front of your sofa that divides a line between the sofa and room put it underneath. Laying halfway is enough for making your rug and sofa appears as a single design statement and also make the sofa even more attractive. Check that your rug is extending generously to both sides of the sofa. If it is small, then your furniture will look cramped within the space. Another highly effective and typical arrangement is laying the rug between two sets of facing seats and with a low height table in the middle. If laid in this manner, the rug will be creating a sense of intimacy. Space will feel special. Check if your rug is extending beyond the seating at both ends. This extension draws everyone’s attention into space and looks bigger than it is.

Dining Space – When putting a custom size rug under your dining table, make sure about its centrality to social and family life. This rug emphasizes that this is a shared space for laughter and food. As always, be flexible with the size. Choose a rug that is larger than the table by at least 0.75m on all sides. Make sure that the diners can move in and out of their seats comfortably without the legs of the chair slipping off the edge of the rug. If the rug is very small then it will catch the chairs every time. A rug helps in dampening the sounds of the movement of chairs as well the occasionally dropped cutlery.

Bedroom – Custom size rugs make your bed look even more inviting and intimating. You will feel softness underfoot when you first step out in the morning. Therefore, pick a rug that will give you a sufficient margin for walking comfortably around the bed. For a unified appearance, it is best to extend the rug back as far as the headboard and make it wide enough for incorporating the side tables. If it is expensive for you then ignore the side tables and make a smaller rug. The simplest way is to put a pair of narrow rugs on both sides of the bed.


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