Why it makes business sense to outsource the SEO function?

We understand that you are focussed on providing high end consulting & development services to your global clients. Your suite of product & service offerings includes the latest cutting edge tools and technologies that are used to build IT solutions across various industry domains for your global clients. While SEO is still one of your offerings, it does not appear high on your list because it is not your core offering. This is the perfect business case that is representative of the White Label SEO Reseller Program that TechIndia Software offers.

Who needs White Label SEO Reseller Program?
Our program works best with those organisations that offer software development services or IT services; or are classified either as Software Product Companies or System Integrators. There are also some businesses that operate as advertising agencies or marketing agencies or consultancies and offer SEO services as part of their service offerings.

What is the White Label SEO Reseller Program about?
This program works on the premise that TechIndia Software will provide you high end, quality White Hat SEO services on reasonable terms and on an ongoing and continuous basis. Our services are based on the latest SEO strategies that are prevalent in the industry and are based on organic SEO practices. You are able to use the services of our team of qualified and certified SEO professionals as if they were your own de-facto SEO team.

In other words you are able to fully outsource your SEO requirements to TechIndia Software and we are able to able to handle the SEO function completely from end-to-end. You are able to engage with your client for SEO related work and we support you all along with our pre-sales consultancy so that you are able to sign the deal with your client. Once the deal is signed you still continue to engage with your client and we support you with the implementation of the SEO project. So rather than set up your own SEO team, you are able to outsource the SEO project to TechIndia Software , or in other words ‘White Label’ the SEO Program of TechIndia Software in your own name.

What are the benefits of White Label SEO Reseller Program?
There are numerous benefits of this Program namely:

Including SEO as your service offerings
You can easily add SEO as part of your core service offerings

Getting closer to your customers
You are able to leverage your close presence to your customer as an advantage.

Having 100% access to our SEO team 24 x 7
You get full access to our team of qualified and certified SEO professionals comprising Google Ad Experts, Content Writers, Web designers, SEO Analysts and if necessary software developers too.
You do not need to set up or maintain an SEO team of your own.

Using our Social Media marketing capabilities
We enable you to optimise the social media presence of your clients by providing you our social media marketing services on all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others.

Helping you in PPC
You are able to offer PPC services to your clients using our capabilities in Google AdWords and PPC

Techindiasoftware is a Leading SEO Company In India provides White label seo reseller program and WordPress Development Services In India.



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