Why Insulating and Cleaning Your Attic is Crucial?

We often tend to forget and overlook one area of our home that is attic. The fact is most people never enter the attic unless they store something. Never ever ignore this area as, like other rooms, the attic needs cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few reasons why attic cleanup is crucial.

Improving the quality of air

If your attic is not cleaned on a daily basis, dust will settle over time. Eventually, the dust will get sucked into your air ducts and spread throughout your house. Now, when you inhale the dust particles, it will affect your respiratory system that will lead to illness and lung disease. But, you can easily get rid of the dust particles by cleaning the attic and improve the quality of air in your house.

Keeping pests in check

An attic that is cluttered and dirty is bound to attract pests like rats, mice, and bugs. These pests leave feces and droppings in the attic that carry infectious diseases and can harm anyone in the house. They also damage the structure of the house by chewing through wires, insulation, and wooden beams. For preventing infestations, attic clean-up is a must.

Maximizing space in the storage

Mainly personal stuff is stored in the attic. However, if the attic is dirty for a long period, then there will be a shortage of space. Sort your belongings so that you can identify which items are required, and clearing up the area will lead to enough free space.

Improving energy efficiency

A dirty attic affects how much energy is used in the house. Most of the attics are designed with walls, wooden beams, and flooring. Over time, the wood starts breaking down, which leads to small holes and cracks on the surface. The air present inside the home can escape through these holes and cracks that mean your cooling and heating system needs to work harder for maintaining a balanced temperature.

When cleaning the attic, these holes and cracks can be easily identified so that you can repair them at the earliest. You can improve the energy efficiency of your home by sealing the leaks, thereby saving money on monthly utility bills as you will be consuming less energy.

It is vital to maintain a tidy and neat attic. Now, we will share some tips on how you can clean the attic.

Remove all the stuff so that it is easy for you to access and clean every inch of the attic. If the belongings are heavy for carrying, stack them in a corner so that you can move around the attic freely.

You can throw, recycle or donate any items that you think not required anymore. You can check the items to ensure if there is any damage while sitting in the attic.

Use vacuum and sweeper for removing debris, dirt, and dead bugs that have accumulated in the attic for a long time. Use hose attachments for vacuuming every nook and corner of the attic.


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