Why do Telugu Kamma brides prefer Traditional attire

Weddings in India have always been a colorful function and everyone involved in the function tends to look colorful dressed in beautiful and shiny clothes. Weddings are much of a family gathering and people there are so many functions that take place at a wedding which play a major role in the wedding function.

Like other cultures in India Telugu Kamma division also tends to take their traditions very seriously and because of that everything at the wedding including the way puja is performed and the mandapa is decorated everything is the same as it has been going on since ages. These are all derived from the age-old traditions and the Telugu Kamma people tend to follow them very seriously. This is the main reason of why the Telugu Kamma brides dress up in the traditional attire in their wedding and it not only the bride, in fact, the Telugu Kamma grooms as well are dressed up in the traditional Telugu attire.

So, what is this Traditional attire for the Kamma Telugu brides?

The Kamma Telugu brides are all dressed up looking like goddesses in the traditional and colorful saree and everything from their saree to their jewelry, hair, makeup and footwear reflects the past wonderful traditions. The Telugu Kamma Brides are the center of attraction in the marriage ceremony and all the eyes are on her in the ceremony.

There are different types of sarees that the Kamma Telugu brides have to wear during different functions that take place in the marriage ceremony and for this purpose, she mostly chooses to wear different types of silk sarees. The materials of which the sarees are made of reflects the different traditions and rituals associated with it. The most preferred silk saree by the bride is the Dharmavaram handwoven traditional silk saree. It comes in different types of amazing colors and designs and other than this beautiful saree the bride may also choose the Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Kancheevaram, Mangalagiri silk sarees.

Along with the saree, the jewelry, and the bangles, their hair and their footwear are all selected based on factor how they reflect the age-old tradition that has been going on in the Telugu Kamma division. All these make up the perfect Telugu Kamma brides.

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