Why Do Some Adoptions Fail? Know the Reasons


Adopting a child, especially the out of country adoption, is usually an inspiring experience for both the child and the parent. Over the past few years, adoption has become very common, and the increase in looking out for adoption services Washington State has grown considerably among the Americans. Many studies show that most of adoptions are a success, but in some circumstances, things get worse.

Here are a few reasons as to why some adoptions go wrong.

– Disrupted Adoptions/Dissolution – Most adoptions are usually successful. Unfortunately there are some cases, which might end up either in disruption or dissolution. A disrupted situation arises, when the adoption process is blocked after the child is sent to the adopted home, before the legalization process. Dissolution is, the adoption ends after the legal finalization, since the to-be parents are not adequately trained to handle the kids. In both the circumstances, the child is returned to the foster care or with new adoptive parents.

– Contested adoption – This situation happens, when one of the biological parents aims to send a baby for adoption, while the other is against it. At times, the expectant father is ignorant about the pregnancy condition of the expectant mother, or the father was forced to agree to send the child to adoption, or because of mistaken identity of the birth father. If any of the biological parent claims to cease from their parental rights, then all the parties must go to court. It is upon the discretion of the judge to decide whether or not to stop the adoption based on the law.

How to make adoptions work?

– Always have realistic expectations about the birth parents of your adopted child. Don’t get carried away by gossips. You must be prepared to accepting things like cigarette smoking and some skipped doctor appointments from the biological mother.

– Be flexible with the race and gender of the baby. Out of country adoption is one approach, which many adoptive parents look forward to these days.

– Don’t make haste decisions, wait, after all you are preparing to build your family, so explore and make informed choices.

– Get the help of the right center for kids for adoption WA. This is because, an adoption consultant will help you with the things that you would not have considered at all by your own. So, it is always better to get the help of a reputed consultant who can help you in every step of the way.

– Adoption is the first step of your new path. So always anticipate hurdles on your way. It might at times take unusually long time to build the perfect bonding, but once you are successful in building it up, it will bring in lot of joy and excitement into your family. Happy parenting!

The author works as a counselor at adoption services Washington State. She is a frequent blogger, who offers various tips on adoption. Visit https://childrenshouseinternational.com/ for more details.



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