Who is Teresa Lashmet?

Teresa Lashmet is a hardworking cop belongs to Oklahoma State, USA. She is serving to her country from the last few years.

She is fond of outdoors. She loves traveling and site seeing. Her biggest hobby is to spend time with family. In short, she loves family life.
It is kinda tough for a police officer to manage their personal as well as professional life but Teresa done it quite easily. In between serving nation and family life, she lives.
she is a simple woman with smiling face and busy with her daily routine.
Her friend John Sebastian said, she is hardworking wife and a responsible mother.
He also added that life is unexpected. Life isn’t fair to anyone. Everyone has a difficult phase in his or her life. It depends on us, how to react to the difficult situation. We should keep calm and hope for the best. That’s exactly Teresa did.
Now, she is a family women trying to give her children everything they deserve. She knows her responsibility towards the nation.
Moreover, she like traveling and site viewing. Her second hobby is camping. She loves outdoor activities.
A family is always her first priority and every time she manages to find time for her family from her busy schedule.
This the true example of brave lady Police office who saved Emma Radclif.
Emma Radclif explained the incident,
           A few days back an incident happened to me when I was coming from my office in the late night. I notice some street-boys were staring me; I get afraid and start walking as fast as I can to reach my place safely. Now it’s become their routine and I have to pass the same hurdle every day. After a few days, they start chasing me and passing comments which make me furious but I was helpless. I needed someone to protect me and girls like me who are working and have to travel mid-night.
I decided to Call Police officers From Miami and share my botheration with them, to my surprise that night a dashing lady police officer Teresa Lashmetwas there, she observes all the scene and takes those rotten boys under her custody. She was so intelligent that for a proof she took the evidence from the dash cam video captured by the camera stick on the next building. I had a conversation with her that night and feel so relieved. Teresa Lashmet is a kind and generous woman; she understood what I was suffering from; she consoles me and advises me to confront whatever happened without any hesitation.
Police Officers from Miami, Oklahoma, told me the laws and rules specially made for girl’s safety and protection. Police Officer Teresa Lashmetpersonally approaches me a few days after the incident just for concern and advises me to learn some self-defensive techniques so in future I won’t need to seek for the help. And of course, she assures me that in future for any help I can call her at any hour.
Strong, firm and independent nature of that Miami, Oklahoma Police Officer inspires me and makes me confident. Today I am self-dependent girl capable to protect myself at any diverse situation and credit of this change goes to Police officer Teresa Lashmet and a team of officers in Miami.



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