Who is eligible to get a soccer scholarship in the United States?

The United States is well known for offering athletic students the opportunities to pursue their university education while also participating in their favourite sports. And students from the UK, where the standard of soccer is very high, have better chances of winning a soccer scholarship in USA.

A few factors that are considered while selecting scholars for the grant include their current level of the game, their age, the date from which they plan to join a college in the US, their academic performance at school and the English language skills they possess (written and spoken English). A good part here is that the native British students do have an edge over other international students when it comes to English language skills. Often, students are also asked if they were ever chosen to play for a team at county/ national level.

Some players have the desired soccer skills but they may not have good academic scores. The truth is that grades matter as much as the ability to play a game. Being a student athlete in a university is not an easy task. The ones who actually receive the scholarship are expected to cope with the complete course load, find ample time to study, and also attend the rigorous training sessions to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

At times, a student may have all the qualifications for a soccer scholarship USA but there may be no more scholarships left by the time he / she applies for it. This is why it is advisable to begin exploring the prospects as early as possible. Starting their preparation early, young students can also keep polishing their existing skills and improve their chances of attaining the coveted grant.

Going an extra mile

To further enhance the chances of getting a soccer scholarship, it is also good to use the services of a recruiting agency that helps players meet coaches and participate in competitive assessments to get selected. Professional assessments are important to understand your true abilities at the game and compare them against other players.

A college athletic recruiting agency does not only understand the complex criteria for these scholarships and the application process, but is also aware of the details of multiple sports programs across the US and helps students participate in the most suitable one. It can even help in SAT preparations, visa procurement and takes care of other aspects for attaining a sports scholarship in the United States.

Furthermore, once the students get offer for scholarship, the agency can negotiate on the terms to help them get the best deal.

College coaches from the US also rely on these organisations to meet the shortlisted candidates so that they can choose only from the cream of the crop.

In addition to soccer, you can also apply for scholarships in other games such as golf, tennis, rugby, hockey and swimming. By contacting the recruitment agency, you will also know the number of grants available and the top colleges that have seats for foreign students.

Author Bio: Founded in 2011, Future Pro USA is a UK based organisation that helps young students achieve athletic and academic success in the United States. It focuses on finding the best scholarships for them enabling them to participate in their chosen sports while getting a university degree. To know more about Future Pro USA visit https://www.futureprousa.com/



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