Which type of Tummy Tuck Surgery is Right for you?

Popularly known as tummy tuck surgery – Abdominoplasty creates a firmer, flatter belly by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. However, it is important to know that it is not a substitute for weight loss through diet and exercise. There are different types of tummy tucks, each designed to address a specific problem targeted to contour the body. In such a scenario it becomes difficult to know which tummy tuck surgery is right for you? The answer mainly depends on your expectations and your existing anatomy.

Full Tummy Tuck:
This tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai is suitable for all healthy individuals (both men & women), who have weakened abdominal muscles or excess skin around belly button. A full tummy tuck is a traditional tummy tuck surgery, the invasive procedure requires a horizontal incision between the hipbones and often an incision around the belly button. During this type of tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon tightens the muscles and removes the excess by pulling down the skin over the stomach. While a full tummy tuck surgery is not a weight-loss surgery, liposuction can be used to contour and reduce the excess fat. Once the results are achieved, the surgeon reposition the belly button and closes the incision. Recovery time is 2 weeks.

Mini Tummy Tuck:
Sometimes, even people with slimmer frames are plagued with a stubborn belly pooch and the fact is that no amount of workout or diet help erase it. The mini tummy tuck surgery is designed to cater to these people. It flattens the bulge in the lower abdomen by treating the area between the mons pubis and the belly button. A small incision is made between the hipbones in the area that is normally covered by a bikini bottom, letting the surgeon tighten the underlying muscles and excise excess skin. You can also opt for liposuction in order to remove fat deposits before the surgeon closes the incision. The scope of a mini tummy tuck surgery is smaller than a standard tummy tuck and there is no need to reposition the belly button. Patients in this case generally enjoy a quick recovery.

Extended Tummy Tuck:
As the name suggests, an extended tummy tuck surgery is an extensive version of a full tummy tuck surgery. Patients with excess skin on their tummy, hips and the sides of the lower back are good candidates for an extended tummy tuck. In this procedure, the horizontal incision can stretch across the lower belly and around the hips and a vertical incision may also be required. In an extended tummy tuck, the surgeon treats a wider range of area and removes surplus tissue. By the end of the surgery, it can be combined with liposuction for contouring and reducing excess fat before closing the incision and repositioning of the belly button. Recovery takes a few weeks in this case.

Now that you are aware of all the factors that determine which type of tummy tuck surgery is right for you including the amount and location of excess skin on your body. There are other aspects also that you must take into consideration before finalizing a procedure like your body type, skin quality, scarring from previous surgeries and Abdominoplasty cost in Mumbai. Here’s to a contoured body and a happier you.



Sahil Agarwal

Dr. Parag Telang is a 38 years old, Mumbai-based cosmetic & plastic surgeon who specializes in Aesthetic and Reconstructive plastic surgery. He is the Director and Chief Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at Designer Bodyz, Centre for Advanced Cosmetic surgery, which is Mumbai’s most preferred cosmetic Centre.

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