Which symptoms signify infertility problems


There are possibilities of early warnings of infertility issues. These signs are also risk factors, which make it more difficult in getting pregnant. The infertility specialist in Hyderabad, which are working in the Motherhood fertility centre, the top fertility Center in Hyderabad investigate on a number couples and find that after some tests they able to find out their actual reason while many couples will have no signs or symptoms of their infertility problem. In the Motherhood fertility centre, the infertility specialist in Hyderabad carry out a few tests to know the actual reason and according to their experience and expertise, they suggest to do the treatment. Because of the success rate of the centre, it is considered as the best Infertility Hospital in Hyderabad providing the best Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad.

Infertility, this is defined by how long you have been trying to conceive but failed. From research, if you have been trying for more than 6 months or one year, then you have an infertility problem. It depends upon your age also. If you are more than 35 years, then the chances of having infertility are more. Our infertility specialist in Hyderabad also find out that not only not getting pregnant is the symptom of infertility, but also many health conditions can also make it hard to get pregnant. And sometimes, no cause is found.

Signs of Potential Infertility in Women

In the case of women, the changes in the menstrual cycle and also ovulation can be a symptom of infertility. Those symptoms include:

  • Abnormal periods. Bleeding is heavier or lighter than normal.
  • Irregular periods. In each month, the number of days in between each period varies.
  • No periods. It is also possible that you have never had a period, or periods suddenly stop.
  • Painful periods. Back pain, pelvic pain, and cramping may happen during the period.

Sometimes, female infertility can be related to the hormone problem. The  symptoms can also include:

  • Skin changes, appearing more acne
  • Changes in sex drive and desire of having sex
  • Dark coloured hair growth on the lips, chest, and chin
  • Loss of hair or thinning hair
  • Weight gain

The Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad also find out some Other signs of disorders that may lead to infertility include:

  • Milky white discharge from the nipples, which is unrelated to breastfeeding
  • Pain during sex

Many other things also related to infertility in women, and their signs vary.

Signs of Potential Infertility in Men

The infertility specialists in Hyderabad working in the best Infertility Centre also get some Infertility symptoms in men can be vague. These things may go unnoticed until a man tries to have a baby.

The signs depend on what is causing infertility. The symptoms can include:

  • Differences in hair growth
  • Changes in sexual desire
  • Pain, lump, and also swelling in the testicles
  • Issues with erections and ejaculation
  • Small and firm testicles

When to See the Doctor

The infertility specialist in Hyderabad also suggested that if you are 35 or more than that and trying to conceive without success for more than six months or one year of trying.

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