Which are Top Methodologies for Virtualization

Summary – Implementation of Virtualization changes the hardware-software relations and is one of the foundational elements of cloud computing technology that helps utilize cloud computing capabilities to the full. Contrary to virtualization, cloud computing refers to the service that results from that change. Cloud usually includes virtualization products as a part of their service package. The Important difference is that a true cloud provides the self-service feature, elasticity, automated management, scalability and pay-as-you-go service that is not inherent to the technology.

Content – Below are the six methodologies to look at when talking about virtualization techniques in cloud computing:

Network Virtualization : Implementation Network virtualization in cloud computing is a method of combining the available resources in a network by splitting up the available bandwidth into different channels, each being separate and distinguished.

Storage Virtualizing : Using Storage Virtualizing technique gives the user an ability to pool the hardware storage space from several interconnected storage devices into a simulated single storage device that is managed from one single command console. These storage techniques are often used in storage area networks.

Server Virtualization : Server virtualization technique is the masking of server resources. It mirrors physical servers by changing their identity, numbers, processors and operating systems. This frees the user from continuously managing complex server resources.

Data Virtualization : This virtualization technique of cloud computing is abstracting the technical details usually used in data management, such as location, performance or format, in favor of broader access and more flexibility that are directly related to business needs.

Desktop Virtualizing : Compared to different types of virtualization in cloud computing, this model enables you to emulate a workstation load, rather than a server. This enables the user to access the desktop remotely.

Application Virtualization : Application virtualization in cloud computing abstracts the application layer, separating it from the operating system. In this technique application can run in an encapsulated form without being dependant upon the operating system underneath.

Author Bio – The author is a technical expert in virtual desktop integration, who discusses about cloud computing, desktop virtualization & cloud infrastructure to streamline & transform businesses.



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