When to call for an Emergency Dentist?

The thing with dental emergencies is that they can come knocking at your doors any time of the day or night and when it does, it can both be a frightening and painful experience. It is important that you reach out to a specialist immediately as prompt attention is the only way to minimise the trouble. It is important to understand that the risk of an emergency situation can be minimised when you attend regular check-ups. To be at a safer position, it also helps if you have the details of an emergency dentist handy.

The main priority of an emergency dentist in Penrith is to help get rid of your pain. The required procedure will thus depend on the severity and nature of the emergency. In some cases, it might get necessary to attend follow up appointments to cover your treatment fully. However, the best dentist in Penrith will always strive to make it a one-time visit.

An emergency dentist in Penrith is mostly sought in the following situations:

Knocked out tooth

There could be several reasons for a knocked out tooth. If it can be done, it would be great if you can clean up the cavity by gurgling, put it back, bite down on a piece of clean cloth and reach the dentist for necessary procedures.

Note that you should never try to forcibly put your tooth back in the cavity, especially if it involves a child’s milk tooth. If it’s a grownup that is facing the problem, you might have to go for tooth replacement.

The primary objective is to stop the bleeding, heal the wound as fast as possible and minimise the pain you must be going through.

Unbearable toothache

Understand pain as our body’s way to suggesting that something isn’t right. Dental pain, in most cases is always severe and is mostly an indicator of serious tooth decay or growing cavity. Consequently, pain in the tooth should never be ignored – you cannot as t will always come back in a more severe form.

The common solution for tooth pain is over the counter pain killers but you should look to booking your appointment with an emergency dentist in Penrith as soon as possible. It is a professional who would be able to successfully establish the cause of the pain and consequently do the procedures necessary.

Depending on your lifestyle, food habits and hygiene, you will always need to see an emergency dentist in Penrith. While you never know when that time comes, it is best to be prepared. Of course, the contact would let your help anyone around you, be it your kids or your neighbours. Find your nearest dentist in Penrith now!

The author is an experienced dentist in Penrith. He blogs on useful tips to maintain the overall dental health. Read http://www.penrithdentalclinic.com.au to know more.



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