When should you consider all-on-four?

For many years, the only choice we had when we lose our teeth were to either replace them or bridge. However, today, we have something called All on Four West Chester PA, dental implants. All-on-four is a replacement procedure which will sit directly on top of the top of the gum and jaw. These are basically artificial tooth which is directly rooted in the bone of the jaw line, which in return provides the most reliable alternative to natural teeth.

Understanding all-on-four implants

When you lose a single tooth, it can be easily replaced with a dental implant, which is the exact replica of a natural tooth. Hardly any will be able to identify that it is an implant. Since dentists take special care in making the implant look like a natural tooth, and since they match with the remaining teeth color as well, they look identical as the original.

However, if you are missing multiple teeth, then you don’t necessarily need to go for one plant per tooth, if there is a missing tooth are adjacent, then the dentist will recommend you to go for All on Four Philadelphia PA. You will be advised for this procedure where you need a replacement of the complete set of either the upper or the lower teeth. All-on-four comes as affordable because you are not ordering for separate dental implants.

The benefits:

The main advantage of all-on-four is obvious. It restores the missing tooth, and it gives you your smile back. Just like any dental implant, all-on-four also takes care of the missing tooth. It is just that it sits permanently on the jaw line.

Here are some of its benefits, though:

  • All-on-four gives less pressure on the rest of the teeth.
  • They have a longer life and are better than removable dentures.
  • You can easily maintain the all-on-four dentures just like you take care of your healthy teeth. Brush twice daily and follow the same hygiene technique. Brush and then floss.
  • You get your smile back, you can chew food easily, and these all-on-four dentures doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all.

When to go for it?

Although there are many benefits of all-on-four dental implants, it is up to your dentist, whether he wants to suggest you go for it or not. It is entirely on the dentist, and he or she will talk about all the pros and cons of getting all-on-four. If you are someone who has been without your missing teeth for a very long time, then the dentist might not recommend you to go for it, because in such case, your jaw line has already been damaged and the dentist may find it difficult to fix the all-on-four on the gum and bones.

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