What’s in Our 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable?

What’s in Our 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable and Why It’s Worth It?

The ocean is a vast space full of adventures, and choosing which battery cable best suits your boating needs is now easier to pamper you with great sea experiences. Safety is the most important thing considered on any travel. Traveling on the sea has a lot of risks just like land travel; we must secure every inch of our vessel for a sound and secure journey on board. Also, Cables and Marine wires are one of the most important things to consider. There are some considerations when finding a suitable wire for any installation. For this particular case of boats and their wiring needs, we have to consider the immediate environment surrounding these installations.

First and foremost, obviously we have to consider that you’re traveling around the waters so it would be handy to choose a wire that is rated as water resistant. Another thing is the vibration of the boat while it is moving. When the boat or vessel vibrates, it produces pressure. Thus this shows that the motive installation as well and those type of installs call for a stranded wire so the strands can absorb the vibration and provide a strain relief that avoids breakage. Next is the environmental issue surrounding the marine wiring is the temperature of the engine area. As we all know the machinery radiator produces a good amount of heat, so you can expect a temperature of 42 plus at all times. Depending upon your course of sailing, the temperature changes and so does the humidity. With the above mentioned, we must use wires that are rated to operate at high temperatures.

When it comes to an 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable, EWCS (electronic wire and cable specialist) gives the best quality of any products they offer. Also, despite selling quality products, it’s very affordable! See the product’s technical specs below.

To start with, let’s define what marine grade cable means: Marine grade is not a specification or an exact measure of a certain wire type but is just a generalized description referring to an electrical wire that would be suitable to use in wiring a boat.

8 AWG Marine Battery Cable is designed specifically to survive in a harsh marine environment. Our product, the 8 AWG gauge marine battery boat wiring is fine stranded copper (UL approved) with each strand, completely tin-plated. Tinned copper will resist corrosion and fatigue and ensures a safe and secure operation for many years.

Technical Specs:
•8 AWG 168 Strands Fully Tinned (Type lll) Copper UL Approved Marine Boat Battery Wire.
•Highly Flexible.
•Rated BC-5W2 600 VOLTS -20C +105C
•Resists Acids, Abrasion, Alkali, Gasoline, Moisture, and Oil.

Why choose EWCS electronic wire and cable specialist products?
Unlike standard automotive battery cables, our Marine Boat Battery Cable is constructed with a heavy tinned coated single conductor copper wire and insulated with a premium vinyl insulation specially designed to resist salt water, battery acid, and oil, gas and UV rays. It is corrosion resistant, vibration resistant and rated 600 Volts 105°C. It is rated and exceeds all UL1426 and ABYC standards. Our Marine Boat Battery Cable comes in Red, Black or Yellow colors.

There are a lot of curious situations that arise on sea travel, a lot of mysteries and unexplored things that no mind has ever fathomed but when it comes to cable safety, our company assures you that our product is 100% safe, reliable and durable!

Call us for inquiries or visit our website to see more of our best products for your boating needs!

For more information about Marine Battery Cable and 4/0 welding cable Please visit : Electric Wire & Cable Specialists (EWCS).



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