What You Ought to Know About Wine & Cheese Pairings?


Wine and cheese pairing has been practiced throughout history. It is found that the people from the same region paired wine and cheese together for generations.

According to a food writer, “Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon or good people and noble ventures.” Pairing wine with cheese brings something special out of the cheese, and you can enjoy its exceptional flavor and style.

A recent scientific study has confirmed that “mouth feel” plays a significant role in how people pair food. Different foods sit on different parts of a spectrum of taste and the pairings on opposite ends of the spectrum complement one another. It also reveals that pairing cheese with wine enhances the experience of drinking wine.

Tips for Cheese and Wine Pairings

If you want to entertain a small group of friends or family and want to keep the refreshment simple, buy cheese online and pair it with wine. Here are a few tips for pairing cheese with wine.


While pairing cheese with wine, serve young cheese with young wines like fruity red wine, or sparkling wine, and aged cheese with older red wines. The reason is young wines contain fruity flavor and aroma & flavors of citrus and flowers, whereas older wines provide a richer flavor.

Sweet + Salty = Yummy

Follow the same logic as caramel and cheddar popcorn, when pairing wine with cheese bought from cheese shop online. Sweet wines and salty cheese is a wonderful combination of a treat for any family gathering.


Take the texture of the cheese and wine into account while serving both together. Serve rich, creamy cheese with buttery oak wine for a complementing texture, and pair hard cheese with sparkling wine for a contrasting texture.

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