What You Need to Know While Picking Baby Bottles?

Most people assume that only mothers who feed formula milk need baby bottles, but on the contrary, those who breast-feed also buy bottles for babies. One of the easiest ways to feed babies while mothers go for work is with a bottle. No matter what, your baby deserves the best baby bottle available out there!

Lets us look at how to pick the most appropriate baby bottle for your precious little one.

Picking the Best Baby Bottle


The foremost thing to consider before choosing a baby bottle is the material of the bottle. There is a huge variety of bottles made of different types of materials available for babies these days. You can find glass, stainless steel, plastic, and silicone bottles for babies. All these bottles have its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to consider several factors before choosing baby bottle materials.

Glass bottles are relatively easy to clean and safe compared to plastic bottles. Glass bottles seldom break down when it is heated or boiled like plastic bottles. Most of the modern glass bottles have silicone grip, which makes it easier to hold and seldom break when accidentally dropped down.

Stainless steel bottles are another variety of baby bottles, which are also easy to clean. It is durable and insulated which is another added advantage of buying them. Most mothers prefer to buy silicone baby bottles, as it is comparatively safe from chemical leaching. Silicone bottles are also scratch proof, which makes it an ideal choice for infant bottles.


Another aspect that you must consider while buying bottles is the nipples. As there are such a huge variety of nipples in different sizes, shapes, and materials, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. You can find wide based nipples and standard sized nipples in different shapes and flow rates. There are nipples, which mimic mother’s breast too. Newborn babies need small nipples with small holes for the slow flow of milk. As the baby grows, you can increase the size of the bottles, nipples and the flow rate. When babies grow, the feeding requirement alters and therefore, parents need to buy feeding bottles with a capacity of 240 to 300ml rather than the standard size bottle of 120ml. You may need to try different types of nipples and bottles to test what your baby likes.

Every baby is different and has different feeding requirements. Guidelines mentioned on the bottles are often a rough estimate. You need to observe the baby closely when you try a new bottle or nipple. If the baby is struggling to suckle, it is time to buy a nipple of the next size or a larger one. However, it is also essential to take care that your baby does not choke when the milk flows too fast. Bottles with the anti-colic system are also considered the best baby bottles available.


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