What to look for when choosing a Marble Slabs supplier in Sydney

Many facets determine a good marble slab supplier to a bad one. Firstly there is the way they display their slabs. Secondly, there is the way they service retail and designer clients. Lastly, but most definitely not least, there is the overall quality of the stone they import.

When displaying marble slabs in Sydney, there are a few things to look for. Firstly you want to check and see if the slabs are displayed on A-Frames, rather than stacked behind big inaccessible blocks of stone. This allows you, the customer, to be fully engaged with the overall pattern and atmosphere the marble provides. This is also better than display slabs seen in showrooms. As the display slab, is not going to be the marble slab that will be installed on your project. That’s why when choosing a Marble Slabs Supplier in Sydney, choose a supplier that displays its stone on A-frames.

It’s very important when choosing a Marble Supplier in Sydney, that you choose one that focuses a lot on customer service. The reason for this is, you want someone who is going to be very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the different types of stone, the pattern differences, and where they are sourced from. Not only that, but you want a marble Supplier who will show you more than one slab, so you are confident that you have chosen the correct piece for your project.

Lastly, but not least, choose a supplier that focuses on quality rather than pure quantity. This might mean that the stone is a little bit more expensive, however, in the long run, it will save you time, money and maintenance costs, particularly with fabrication. Veins are a classic weak point in the stone, so the quality of processing the stone into slabs, is also very important.

Well, know you know what to look for when choosing a Marble Slab Supplier In Sydney. Look and see how they display the slabs and if they are easy to view. Make sure they have a focus on servicing retail and designer clients and are happy to answer your questions. Lastly, make sure to choose one that has a substantial focus on the quality of the material. Not just structurally but visually as well.

The author is an experienced marble slab supplier in Sydney, who has written many articles on marble, Quartzite & granite slabs. To find out more about natural stone slabs, visit www.avantstone.com.au



Nihil Rawal

Avant Stone brings together 20 years of stone industry experience to provide you with a range of globally sourced stone tiles and slabs. We aim provide you quality service and distinctive stone products for your home or your commercial space. We encourage customers to visit our centrally located warehouse in Gladesville, a short 20 minute drive from Sydney and Paramatta CBD. Alternatively a member of our sales team is also able to visit your premises to provide you with product samples and assist you or your client in finding the best application of stone from our wide range of products.

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