What to Look For W hen Choosing a USB Car Charger

What is a car charger? Many people asked years ago. And now, USB car charger is almost essential when you are on a road trip or a long commute to work. There are many different car charger in the market. Before you rush out to buy one, let’s take a hard look at the 4 features you consider.


Demand Amp Output

A dual USB port charger with less than 2.1 amps (or 2100mA) per port? No deal. Many new devices won’t even charger properly without 2 amps or more pouring in.


The little cigarette lighter receptacle in your car is capable of charging many portable electronic gadgets. For instance, the average American car has a 12 volt 10 amp receptacle. Plugging one device into the receptacle is an outright waste, since they can support a plethora of USB- based devices without any undo strain on your car’s electrical system.


On the basis of that and of the high-power demands of smartphones and tablets, there is no reason to buy a useless car charger. You’d better always purchase one that can provide you with at least 2.1amps per USB port.


Demand Multiple Ports

Why choose a single port charger? I don’t know either. But the advantages of buying multiple port charger is obviously. A USB car charger with multiple ports can save you lots of time and frustration from having to remember to switch off between powering different devices.  Even if you only have one device you need power for, it make no sense to not have a send port on hand for future devices. Additionally, it allows everyone on the ride to have a chance at powering up their USB gadgets.



A charger with no protection system may be caused devices damaged and even fires or exposures, and you may lose your phone, your car, or wore. A good car charger should be with protection function with over voltage, excessive current , over heating, short circuit and flame retardant environmental protection material.



Charging cables’ life is short. Car chargers with permanent cables are disadvantages because you will be force to buy a new charger when the cable broken. For those car chargers do not include a cable, you can find a set with certified cable to ensure charging reliability.


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