What To Do When You Find A Wasp Nest In Your Yard

Wasps are some of the most unpleasant insects that you can encounter. Seeing a wasp nest in your yard can be really terrifying especially if it has become the home to a sizeable amount of wasps. Make sure that you get in contact with pest control Canterbury as soon as you see it.

Knowing what to do when you find a wasp nest in your backyard is important. Making common mistakes can lead you to be stung a few times. You also should avoid doing amateur solutions to get rid of the wasp nest. Below is a good reference on what to do.


Wasps are incredibly aggressive. If that wasn’t enough, they are also extremely organized. As soon as you have a couple of wasps trying to sting you, expect that there will be more if you are close to their nest. This is because of their territorial instincts.

A wasp nest in your yard can be really tough to get rid of if you don’t prepare for it. Make sure that you have protective materials that can cover your face. Ensure that any holes such as your ears and nose are protected as well. When going up close, have wear clothing that won’t provide wasps easy access to your body.


A wasp nest can differentiate depending on where the wasps started to build it. It can start off very small which makes it unnoticeable. When the queen wasp builds a nest during spring, it’s only the size of a golf ball. The final size could be compared to a football. Expect the wasp nest to be at its biggest during the summer.

Once you’ve confirmed that it is indeed a wasp nest in your yard. It’s time to pick up the phone and call pest control Thanet. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with the pros, close all the windows and make sure that any accessible areas in your home that can be entered from the outside are barricaded in a secure manner.


Getting rid of a wasp nest yourself can be tempting especially if it’s easily reachable. However, wasp nests have to be removed in a specific manner so they no longer come back later on. Using fire, water, and other chemicals without the proper safety equipment can put you in danger. Smashing the wasp nest with a baseball bat will lead you to be stung.


Pest control experts will be able to identify the best approach that can be done to fully rid your backyard of wasps. Removing the wasp nest isn’t the only thing that they will plan for. They will ensure that, for a reasonable amount of time, there won’t be wasps around your yard.

Wasps are resilient and sometimes rebuild the nests that weren’t destroyed and rid of properly. This is why you need the assistance of professionals if you truly want to get rid of them after you get rid of their nest. Preventive measures can be provided to you by the experts.
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